Prof. Yukio Hayakawa Detects 9 Microsieverts/Hour In Koriyama City Park In Fukushima Pref.

Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes a “Radioactive Walk” In a Park in Koriyama City, Fukushima, Finds 9 Microsieverts/Hr “Black Dust” (EX-SKF, April 10, 2012):

Professor Hayakawa went to Koriyama City in Fukushima Prefecture and walked in Kaiseiyama Park right near the City Hall. Compared to his walk in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo on the previous day, the radiation levels in Koriyama City is markedly higher (no surprise).

This time, the professor is armed only with his personal survey meter that only measures gamma ray. He seems to have a protective case on the survey meter, so I don’t think he is laying down the survey meter “naked” on the grass or dirt. (He’s been doing this for one year now in various locations, after all.)

He took the measurement of “black dust” at 4 locations:

  • 3.533 microsieverts/hr
  • 9.103 microsieverts/hr
  • 7.291 microsieverts/hr
  • 6.331 microsieverts/hr (in the City Hall parking lot)


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2 thoughts on “Prof. Yukio Hayakawa Detects 9 Microsieverts/Hour In Koriyama City Park In Fukushima Pref.”

  1. I live directly next to the park (which is actually called KaiseiZAN) and took readings at almost all the same locations. I obtained slightly lower readings that varied a bit, but for the most part matched his readings.

    I have to call BS on the 9 reading because he had to stray out of the park and behind a building and take a reading right above a water drainage gutter to get that reading. I only got a 3 at that location, which was one of the higher ones. My argument is that he must have left the park, which had much lower readings and walked around constantly taking readings until he found a higher reading. The marker on the map shows him being in front of the building, but the drain in the image is located behind it and the parking lot near orange apartment building.

    To be fair we were using an air counter. He shows a similar model in a plastic bag in some images. The ground readings were higher than the readings at chest high.


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