Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes A Walk In Fukushima City, Detects Very High Levels Of Radiation

Professor Yukio Hayakawa Takes a Walk in Fukushima City, 3/16/2012 (EX-SKF, Mar 16, 2012):

armed with 4 different radiation survey meters. One of the reasons he went to Fukushima was apparently to test the survey meters and compare the readings. The entire walk took 7 hours yesterday, says Hayakawa in his tweet, nothing compared to mountain climbing. (He’s a volcanologist.)

4.164 microsieverts/hour on the “black dust” – roadside sediment of soil and organic materials. (It is not just in Minami Soma City, where the highest radioactive cesium density in the “black dust” so far is 3.43 million becquerels/kg.)

Over 10 microsieverts/hour (all his survey meters went overscale) at the rain gutter.

2.3 microsieverts/hour on the lawn in front of the City Hall, 1.5 microsievert/hour 1 meter off the lawn.

For detailed locations and measurements, see his blog post (in Japanese).

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