Japan Government Disaster Debris Ad

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TRAITOR & LIAR Goshi Hosono On Disaster Debris (Video)

Ministry of the Environment Ad on the Train Featuring Mountains of Disaster Debris (EX-SKF, Mar 17, 2012):

This is what the train commuters in Japan have to look at, paid for by the taxpayers whether they like it or not. Its aim is to appeal to the guilty conscience of the Japanese who dare refuse to help out.

What the Ministry and Goshi Hosono don’t tell you is that there aren’t many people living right next to these mountains of debris in the disaster affected areas in Miyagi and Iwate. There are a few temporary storage locations where there are schools right next to them (I don’t know what they were thinking), but they seem to be the exceptions. They don’t tell you either that many local municipalities want the debris to remain there.

But the Ministry of the Environment won’t bother to tell you that.

Someone on Twitter made a good observation. In Japanese, the Ministry of the Environment is “???”. The first two characters mean “environment”, and the last character means “ministry”. However, the last character also mean “to eliminate”. So, the Ministry of the Environment is to eliminate the environment. Kind of fitting.

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