The power grid is failing in Central America

The power grid is failing in Central America:

Earlier this month a massive power outage hit Central America, leaving millions of people without electricity for hours. The outage was caused by an overload in the Central American Transmission System in Panama.

Though it mostly affected people in Costa Rica and Panama, the outage also partially affected power in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. These countries all share the same electricity transmission line, which extends approximately 1,130 miles between Panama and Guatemala.

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TRAITOR Rand Paul: ‘I See My Foreign Policy In The Same Line As What Came Out Of Probably The First George Bush’ (Video)

Paul: My Foreign Policy ‘in the Same Line as’ George H. W. Bush’s (National Review Online, March 9, 2014):

Despite portrayals that his foreign-policy stance is out of line with most in his party, Rand Paul insists his approach is within the Republican mainstream. Along with public opinion behind him, the Kentucky senator, who has been described as a having a “non-interventionist” stance, said on Fox News Sunday that many of his Republican colleagues agreed with him on the issues of Syria and Ukraine.

He also pointed to former leading Republicans as sharing his views on international issues. “I see my foreign policy in the same line as what came out of probably the first George Bush,” Paul said. He also cited similarities between his approach and that of Ronald Reagan and Henry Kissinger.

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Panama Public Warned Over GM Mosquito Experiments

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 – Panama Public Warned over GM Mosquito Experiments (Sustainable Pulse, Jan 29, 2014):

GeneWatch UK today warned that open releases of millions of GM mosquitoes produced by UK company Oxitec should not take place in Panama until members of the public have been fully informed about the risks.


GeneWatch also released a draft risk assessment provided by Oxitec to the US Department of Agriculture in 2011, which has not previously been published, showing that the company itself admits some of these risks (1). These include the risks that more invasive Asian Tiger (Aedes albopictus) mosquitoes move into the area, and that the number of cases of potentially fatal Dengue Haemorraghic Fever (DHF) could possibly increase.

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The experiments in Panama are due to start on 15th February in Nuevo Chorillo, in the Arraiján district of Panama. The experiments have been approved by the Ministry of Health but no information about the possible downsides of the experiments has been provided to members of the public.

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Banking Holiday in Panama Announced!

Banking Holiday in Panama Announced! (GoldSeek, Sep 26, 2013):

This morning the National Bank of Panama announced that it was suspending all services until Tuesday the 1st of October. The National Bank of Panama says that the reason is to upgrade systems. The Banking Holiday in Panama was announced this am.

This system wide shutdown has country wide implications. The National Bank of Panama did not warn the people before making the announcement and shutting down the banks. The people do not have access to ATM’s either. We received word of this from family members first. This weekend is payday for people across Panama.

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Coast of Panama: 6.1 Earthquake – 10KM Depth – (4/30/2011) – Possible Tsunami Warning

Added: 30.04.2011

Earthquake stats:

About Post Glacial Rebound Effect (PGRE) :

HAARP induction magnetometer .. showing large magnetic flux today:…

Earthquake 3D program (free version download at CNET)