Dr. Russell Blaylock: How to reduce the toxic effects if force vaccinated



Neural therapy (Wikipedia)

Neuraltherapie (Wikipedia)

I would as soon as possible inject Procain (Procain hydrochloride) above, in, under and around the place of vaccination.

You should really do this ASAP to have the greatest benefit.

I have also seen already strong local reactions to vaccines disappear fast. Here you have to inject Procain at the border of the inflammation, on the “healthy side”, surrounding the inflammation.

Most people don’t know it, but Procain is a very effective anti-inflammatory, “toxin blocker”.

You will survive ANY snake, spider bite if you have Procain with you.

Yes I know you might think that this is impossible, but it works!

Source where you can read more about Neural Therapy and how to apply it:
Manual of Neural Therapy According to Huneke (Complementary Medicine)
Lehrbuch der Neuraltherapie nach Huneke: (Regulationstherapie mit Lokalanästhetika)

This is an excellent book on Neural Therapy and I highly recommend it for any health practitioner out there.

Dr. Blaylock’s List of suggestions on How to Reduce the Toxic Effects of the A/H1N1 Vaccine, is as follows:

1.  Number one on the list says Dr Blaylock, is to bring a cold pack with you and place it on the site of the injection as soon as you can, as this will block the immune reaction.  Once you get home, continue using a cold pack throughout the day.  If you continue to have immune reactions the following day, have cold showers and continue with the cold press.

2.  Take fish oil.   Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), one of the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil supplements, is a potent immune suppressant.  If you take high dose EPA you will be more susceptible to infections, because it is a powerful immune suppressant.  However, in the case of  an immune adjuvant reaction, you want to reduce it.  Studies show that if  you take EPA oil one hour before injecting a very powerful adjuvant called lipopolysaccharide (LPS), it would completely block the ability of the LPS to cause brain inflammation.  Take a moderate dose everyday and more if needed to tame a cytokine storm.

3.  Flavonoids are third on the list, namely curcumin, quercetin, ferulic acid and ellagic acid,  particularly in a mixture.   The curcumin and quercetin in particular have been found to block the ability of the adjuvants to trigger a long-term immune reaction.   If you take it an hour before the vaccination, it should help dampen the immune reactions says Dr Blaylock.

4. Vitamin E, the natural form that is high in gamma-E will help dampen the immune reactions and reduces several of the inflammatory cytokines.

5.  An important ingredient on the list is Vitamin C at a dose of 1000 mg, taken four times a day between meals.  It is a very potent anti-inflammatory and should be taken in a buffered form, not as absorbic acid, says Dr Blaylock.

6.  Also use astaxanthin as it’s an anti-inflammatory.  According to Dr Blaylock,  fatal reactions to vaccines in aboriginal and African children  occurred in those who were deficient in carotinoids, like astaxanthin.    It is a good protection against the toxic effects of the vaccine.

7.  Likewise, it was found that children who were deficient in zinc had a high mortality rate.   Zinc is very protective against vaccine toxicity. (Do not use zinc mixed with copper however, as copper is a major trigger of free-radical generation according to Dr Blaylock).

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