Cyprus ‘Bank Holiday’ Gets Another Extension, Bank Reopening Now Set For Thursday

First Cyprus has to make sure Putin’s ‘KGB Money’ has left the country, so that only the sheeple get screwed and not the Russian bear …

.. or have they finally realized what will happen AFTER the ‘haircut’?:

Will Russia Kill The Cyprus Bailout?

Cyprus “Bank Holiday” Gets Another Extension, Bank Reopening Now Set For Thursday (ZeroHedge, March 18, 2013):

What was initially a single-day Bank Holiday has now morphed into three days as the farce that is the wealth tax in Cyprus will now keep the citizenry from their money until Thursday according to the latest from the Central Bank…


Which begs the question “Which Thursday?”

Via AP,

Cypriot central bank: Banks will remain closed until Thursday amid talks on savings seizure.

Obama Administration Was Prepared To Call A Bank Holiday In 2009 (Video)


Things have gotten much worse since then.

Prepare for collapse.


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