The Paradise Papers: How Ridiculously Easy It Is For The Rich To Avoid Taxes

The Paradise Papers: How Ridiculously Easy It Is For The Rich To Avoid Taxes:

A little too easy…

The revelations in the Paradise Papers followed quickly on the release of the Panama Papers (English majors please note the allusion to the Pentagon Papers).

Both of these Papers were revealed by an organization with the cumbersome name of The International Consortium of Independent Journals (ICIJ)?—?a group in need of a new name and a publicity agent. That name gives the impression of some mining cartel intent on keeping up the price of gold and diamonds.

To the contrary, it is a group of dedicated journalists who recognized that they could not honestly report on tax evasion when they were working for mainstream media. The media barons and major advertisers are prime users of the tax evasion system. So these journalists gave up successful and lucrative careers to dedicate themselves to exposing offshore tax fraud. The Panama and Paradise Papers are a tribute to their courage, sacrifice, and dedication.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Makes me feel all warm & happy inside.”

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