The Swedish Armed Forces have fired a man who prevented a sex attack by a group of asylum seekers targeting a Christian female refugee. Following the attempted gang rape in an asylum centre, the soldier – named Erik – ventilated critical ideas on immigration on Facebook that led to his discharge from the army this May. According to the Military Disciplinary Staff, the 40-year-old “had expressed opinions that are in direct conflict with the Armed Forces’ mission and values.

It was Erik’s civilian job as a security guard that landed him in trouble. At one point, he was alerted to an asylum accommodation because of a brawl that was taking place. It turned out that a group of asylum seekers tried to molest a female refugee at the centre. Erik:

“I had to fight off a group of idiots who tried to rape the woman. She was a Christian. It is not unusual when Christians in the shelters are constantly living in fear, and that women don’t even dare to go to the toilets at night because they risk being raped.”

The attempted gang rape made a strong impression on Erik and afterwards, he wrote about his experiences on Facebook. The statements attracted the attention of Erik’s employer who, at first, tried to “correct” his behaviour and censor him. When he refused to be silenced, the army fired him after 25 years of service. Erik posted on Facebook:

“Multiculturalism, in reality, is merely a euphemism for Islam. There exists no country where Islam has settled where it has adapted itself to the country, so why should we believe that it will do so here? We most certainly will suffer the same fate as the Zoroastrians in Iran, Pakistani Buddhists, Orthodox Christians in Kosovo, Catholics in Bosnia or Lebanon, and now Syria’s Orthodox Christians. Those [Swedes] who blindly accept the Islamists’ deeds will continue to find excuses for them, even on the day they have invaded their own homes, cutting the throats of their wives and raping their children.”

Erik, being married to a refugee who came to Sweden in the 90’s, most certainly is “no stereotype racist,Nyheteridag writes. Furthermore, the former soldier was adopted from Sri Lanka and is thus dark-skinned himself.

Erik, who claims that “Somali and Afghan migrants feature heavily in rape statistics”, is highly critical of the lack of age checks by the National Migration Board. Migrants entering Sweden, even if they are clearly older than 20, can easily claim being ‘refugee minors’ without their age being assessed by the authorities. “To register grown men as ‘children’ is a joke that works only in Sweden, I’ve witnessed it myself.” Understandably, Erik is no great fan of the army’s multiculturalist policy:

“I have been following its values when I took the oath, that is, to love my flag and my country and to keep it from our enemies. However, soldiers are now allowed to wear religious headgear, while I feel that the uniform should be free from religious and political views. So no, I can not support the newly introduced values, but I still stand for the old ones.”

‘Erik’ is a pseudonym used by the Swedes out of consideration for his former employer and out of fear of reprisals.

H/t reader kevin a.