Malaysian Government Wants to Turn Human Trafficking Camp Into a “Tourist Attraction”

Malaysian Government Wants to Turn Human Trafficking Camp Into a “Tourist Attraction” (Antimedia, June 3, 2015):

A human trafficking camp was recently discovered in Malaysia, roughly 100 miles from the border of Thailand. Sadly, Malaysia is among many countries notorious for involvement in human trafficking, which is protected by close relationships between the government and the organized crime syndicates that control the industry.

The government doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job pretending that they care, either.

Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, an official from the Prime Minister’s Department in Malaysia, recently said that the prison camp was actually pretty nice and could be turned into a tourist attraction.

“It is the largest camp among the 16 campsites we found and is located around 100m from the border. Everything is still intact. There was a surau, a wooden mosque, a house for an imam, vegetable farm and many more. There was also some Thai writing inside the mosque. Let tourists see where it all happened. With this as a new tourism spot, it will also deter human trafficking activities from taking place as there will be more people coming in and out,” he said, according to The Star.

Shahidan seemed more concerned about whether or not the blame would be put on Malaysia than he was about the fact that a prison camp of this nature even existed.

“I don’t think the camps were built by Malaysians unless they were communists. The structures at the campsite show expertise. I call on the police to process this camp fast and tell the people that it was not built by Malaysians. I’m sure the former communists in our country are too old for this,” he said.

Former Perlis Mentri Besar also seemed interested in turning the prison camp into a tourist attraction.

“On plans to make it a tourism attraction, I will discuss with the police and the state government about preserving the structures,” said Besar.

No victims or suspects were found at the prison camp when it was discovered.

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