Hugo Chavez On Cancer Inducing Technology – Why He Had To Be Eliminated – To Obama: “You Are The Shame Of All Black People! Leave Us Alone!” (Videos)

As a side note:

Why somebody like Hugo Chavez, who seemed to know quite a bit about what is really going on in the world, resorted to chemotherapy (= death camp/gulag medicine) is beyond me.

Take a close look at the cancer drug 5-Fluoracil. Here is some historic background:

Dr. Louis Bullock, president of the Los Angeles branch of the American Cancer Society touted the new cancer drug 5-Fluoracil as “one of the most effective drugs used to treat and control cancer”, stating that they ‘safely’ gave cancer patients 150 to 500 mg of fluoride a day”, and that “it strengthened the bones”. [Yet, the 1965 Modern Drug Encyclopedia and Therapeutic Index Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals and Allergens contains a three-column listing of disasterous effects from 5-Fluoracil, one of them being “fatalities may be encountered occasionally in patients in relatively good condition”. In March 31, 1972, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner headlined a story “Scientist Hots Cancer Drug ‘Overkill’ “, which stated that 5-Fluoracil as a cancer treatment represents a case of classic overkill which does more harm than the cancer itself.” In other words, Bullock was either naive or he lied at the July 21, 1966 meeting ]. See 1969 LA Times.

Well, and here is the ugly truth:

“Fluoride causes more human cancer, and causes it faster, than any other chemical.”
– Dean Burk, Chief Chemist Emeritus, US National Cancer Institute

Dr. Dean Burk Former Head Of National Cancer Institute Research: ‘Fluoridated Water Amounts To Public Murder On A Grand Scale’ (Video)

Fluoride makes people docile, infertile and gives them cancer. With about 70% of the public drinking water being fluoridated in the U.S. it is safe to say that TPTB turned the U.S. into one big concentration camp. This is genocide!

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Hugo Chavez Murdered by Illuminati

Hugo Chavez : Obama ! You are the shame of black people , leave us alone

Hugo Chavez : Obama ! You are the shame of black people , leave us alone

1 thought on “Hugo Chavez On Cancer Inducing Technology – Why He Had To Be Eliminated – To Obama: “You Are The Shame Of All Black People! Leave Us Alone!” (Videos)”

  1. None of us know what we will do when death becomes eminent. I made my choices, I eat very little, drink what I want, and do as I please. I am not about to put my life into the hands of the medicine men and the chemists. When it gets bad enough, you find a doctor (just as you interview lawyers) who understands your position, and respects your decisions and follows your directions.

    Hugo Chavez, if any history is preserved, will go down as the man who broke the underpinnings of US dominated world economy for good. He set the world free to make its own choices, and like him or hate him, he was an incredible person when alive.

    I remember after the coup of 2000 and gas and oil prices were going through the roof. American poor were confronting freezing temperatures because they could not afford the fuel to stay warm. Hugo Chavez. Our government, run by a fat little rich boy who had stolen the election could care less, so Hugo Chavez provided them fuel, so they could survive. From that time, to the rest of his life, I began to follow his actions.

    The next year, the US government turned their backs on the poor again, and once more, Hugo Chavez provided fuel to America’s poor. The US government could ogive away hundreds of billions to greedy gut war contractors, but nothing for the freezing poor.

    It was in 2010 when Hugo Chavez was heading up the South American Trade Alliance, a tiny organization of 12 poor nations, including Cuba. Their net GDP was about 50 million, so they flew under US radar, the US ignored their actions……a grave mistake. He launched the world’s first electronic currency, the Sucre. It allowed member nations to trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making the need for any world reserve currency obsolete.

    Hugo Chavez’s allies, Russia and China, watched closely. In November of 2010, they adopted his system between each other, using their own currencies leaving the dollar out. China went on to recruit Turkey and much of emerging African nations, including South Africa. Iran had accepted most currencies for years, so they joined. Putin, being a brilliant chess player, went on to recruit much of South and Central America. India and Japan joined them after the US put another round of fool sanctions on Iran. The membership grew.

    Last Summer, they went public with BRICS, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa with all trading partners. Switzerland joined, so did Canada, and Qatar. Australia and New Zealand dumped the dollar in 2012.

    When OPEC kicked the Petrodollar to the curb a couple of months back, the death keels for the US dollar began in earnest. The US is down to the EU, less than 30% of the world economy due to the deflationary depression the debt ridden association now suffers. Already, Germany, France and the UK are finding alternative ways to trade. Greece is also a bigger threat than they realize. If Greece leaves the EU, not only do they stop feeding greedy guts, they show an escape valve to the other debt ridden nations. Leave, file bankruptcy, and join BRICS. Leave the dollar behind…………let the dead bury the dead…… use an old Biblical phrase.

    So Hugo Chavez decided to cling to life. He did a lot, and he alone changed economic world history……….especially for the west. He was very smart, just as Putin is very smart. Both men served their nations, not special interests like US leaders do. In a matter of five years, an alternative world economy was built, leaving the US and the dollar out.

    So, who is really the isolated one?


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