Wrong Aircraft Identified As Malaysia Flt MH-17 Fuels Doubts

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Wrong Aircraft Identified As Malaysia Flt MH-17 Fuels Doubts (Veterans Today, July 20, 2014):

A previous post exposed the issue of foreknowledge when videos dealing with the aftermath of the alleged missile attack, were revealed to be produced prior to the crash of Flt MH-17.

On July 20th, the Corbett Report published a useful summary that discloses many irregularities in corporate media coverage and international governmental propaganda sources.

Now we look at more media propaganda published as perception management to global audiences.

EXHIBIT A: The aircraft allegedly shot down over Shaktarsk is a Boeing 777-200, (Tail number, M9-MRD) – the identical model aircraft that remains missing in the mysterious disappearance on Flt. MH-370 with tail number, M9-MRO).

Recent, “near conclusive” evidence reports that MH-370 (M9-MRO) was actually hijacked raising the possibility that aircraft parts from M9-MRO could have been salvaged, altered, re-painted and used to create the crash scene for MH-17 (M9-MRD).

Curious initial reports claim the smell of decaying corpses was evident by witnesses on initial encounter with the crash site. On July 18,  ABC News reported:

“A top pro-Russia rebel commander in eastern Ukraine has given a bizarre version of events surrounding the Malaysian jetliner crash — suggesting many of the victims may have died days before the plane took off.”

Speculation is developing that 9M-MRO alias MH-370 may have been substituted for Flight MH-17 to create a False Flag event.  In the evidence shown below, Flight Radar-24 reports that MH-17 was reported “canceled” by Malaysia Airlines. If the flight was canceled, the circumstances allow for the substitute of a “bogey” aircraft on a mission. This could explain the false photo story by a passenger at Amsterdam terminal as an attempt at “deception management”.

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