Is Malaysian Air MH17 The MH370 Twin From Israel? (Video)


(Editors Note: The script begins scrawling at 4:31 if you would like to fast forward past the introduction.)

What is the story behind the ‘Twin MH370’ (former) Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 sitting at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. Why is an Iranian owned plane leasing company (GA Telesis of Fort Lauderdale, FLA) storing the Twin MH370 at this location? Strange bedfellows you may ask. Watch and connect the dots laid out by Japanese science writer Yoichi Shimatsu Fast Forward: On July 17, 2014 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was apparently shot down over Donetsk, Ukraine. Coincidence you say? Try another False Flag New World Order style….

2 thoughts on “Is Malaysian Air MH17 The MH370 Twin From Israel? (Video)”

  1. Why does every evil happening on this planet come from israel (sic)?

    That devious pile of slime are connected to every evil event, one way or another.

    From 9/11, to Syria, to MH370, Fukushima, MH17, it no longer matters what the jew owned Mainstream Media liars tell us, time proves consistently that israel and the mossad secret service who tell the U.S. what to do, are right behind every EVIL & MURDEROUS event.


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