Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Close (Video)


Alex Jones now – like Obama – using the latest state of  the art MASS HYPNOSIS techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. ?

Start listening from 12:50 into the video …

“Now is the time to …”

PDF: Obama’s_Use_of_Hidden_Hypnosis_techniques_in_His_Speeches:

Elementary pacing examples from Obama include, “now is the time”, and “as I stand here before you.”

These statements are undeniably true in the simplest terms and commonly used parts of his pacing techniques, because of course now is the time, and if he is there speaking, of course he is standing before us.

These are things the hypnotist says that are verifiably true, and used to lower our critical factor defenses to allow implantation of subconscious messages.

Added: Jul 12, 2014

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1 thought on “Ron Paul: The Collapse Is Close (Video)”

  1. I have grown weary of Ron Paul, and his endless warnings of disaster. He has a son in congress who is an extreme right wing fool, and he is working assiduously to get him promoted. His motives cannot be trusted, his son is a walking disaster. Politics is a very convoluted and devious game, even worse when the candidates are like his son…..we don’t need more like him.


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