The U.S. And Its Allies Had Contact With Bin Laden And The 9/11 Hijackers Many Times Before 9/11


The U.S. and Its Allies Had Contact with Bin Laden and the 9/11 Hijackers Many Times Before 9/11 (Washington’s Blog, Feb 26, 2014):

The report that the FBI had a human resource in direct contact with Bin Laden in 1993 – and covered it up and hid it from the 9/11 Commission and Congress – is newsworthy.  See this Washington Times report and NBC News coverage.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg:

  • The mainstream French paper Le Figaro alleged that the CIA met with Bin Laden himself 2 months before 9/11
  • A high-level military intelligence officer says that his unit – tasked with tracking Bin Laden prior to 9/11 – was pulled off the task, and their warnings that the World Trade Center and Pentagon were being targeted were ignored
  • The National Security Agency and the FBI were each independently listening in on the phone calls between the supposed mastermind of the attacks and the lead hijacker. Indeed, the FBI built its own antenna in Madagascar specifically to listen in on the mastermind’s phone calls
  • According to various sources, on the day before 9/11, the mastermind told the lead hijacker “tomorrow is zero hour” and gave final approval for the attacks. The NSA intercepted the message that day and the FBI was likely also monitoring the mastermind’s phone calls
  • According to the Sunday Herald, two days before 9/11, Bin Laden called his stepmother and told her “In two days, you’re going to hear big news and you’re not going to hear from me for a while.” U.S. officials later told CNN that “in recent years they’ve been able to monitor some of bin Laden’s telephone communications with his [step]mother. Bin Laden at the time was using a satellite telephone, and the signals were intercepted and sometimes recorded.” Indeed, before 9/11, to impress important visitors, NSA analysts would occasionally play audio tapes of bin Laden talking to his stepmother.
  • And according to CBS News, at 9:53 a.m on 9/11, just 15 minutes after the hijacked plane had hit the Pentagon, “the National Security Agency, which monitors communications worldwide, intercepted a phone call from one of Osama bin Laden’s operatives in Afghanistan to a phone number in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia”, and secretary of Defense Rumsfeld learned about the intercepted phone call in real-time (if the NSA monitored and transcribed phone calls in real-time on 9/11, that implies that it did so in the months leading up to 9/11 as well)

Indeed, former counter-terrorism boss Richard Clarke theorizes that top CIA brass tried to recruit the hijackers and turn them to our side, but were unsuccessful. And – when they realized had failed – they covered up their tracks so that the FBI would not investigate their illegal CIA activities , “malfeasance and misfeasance”, on U.S. soil.

And former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds – deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups –  alleges that the U.S. worked with Bin Laden right up to 9/11 … and for months afterwards.

Whether or not she’s right, it’s indisputable that 9/11 was entirely foreseeable … as was Al Qaeda flying airplanes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

As is the fact that the U.S. has backed the world’s most dangerous and radical Muslim terrorists for decades.

3 thoughts on “The U.S. And Its Allies Had Contact With Bin Laden And The 9/11 Hijackers Many Times Before 9/11”

  1. 2000 was a coup. 911 simply made it all legal. What are the lives of a few Americans compared to such power? They had plenty of warning about 911, they went on vacation instead.
    Fools are in control. Until people stand up and get rid of them, it will only get worse. This is old news to me, and to others who tried to pay attention…..problem is that most people did not.
    The Great Experiment of the 18th century enlightenment that people can rule themselves has failed. The collapse of the US republic over the past 14 years ought to make the reasons clear. The people are too lazy, too ill-informed and self-immersed to care….and this is why history is always made by individuals, not groups.
    Government by the group conscience doesn’t make good government because most people are too involved in their own lives to care. All that is left are the power mongers and the few who care. Guess who wins?

  2. America, the land of the free, flowing with milk, honey and opportunity.
    A vast continent with, even now an average population density of only 30 per km2, yet every aspect of it projects waste, decadence, greed, over indulgence and a total disregard for other planet users.
    It seems the PTB may just have reached the same conclusion, and passed the baton to those who believe the pendulum has gone too far that way and a redress to the old principles of collective responsibility, with recognition for effort and hard work, as against blood lines, is to be the new order.
    Since the time of the Pharoahs there have been three main classes, elite, middle and lesser. That will never change in principle although America did show worrying signs of beating it, but it has been noted and is being rectified.


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