Keiser Report: Semaphore Of Fraud – Silver Manipulation (Video)

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YouTube Added: 09.08.2012


In this episode, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss a financial journalist so dangerous the frontpage of the Financial Times dare not speak his name and the semaphore of fraud and fraud flows that is high frequency trading and silver manipulation. They also talk about blonde bimbo regulators and the self-police force that never finds any evidence crimes they themselves have committed. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to whistleblower Paul Moore, a former Head of Risk at HBOS, about financial holocaust and the City of London’s role in enabling banking fraud.

1 thought on “Keiser Report: Semaphore Of Fraud – Silver Manipulation (Video)”

  1. I don’t buy into Keiser. He promotes the Corporate Power Elite’s meme of “Man Made Global Warming”.
    If someone like Keiser didn’t exist he would have to be invented by the “elite” who control the USA, UK and EU.

    Keiser with his ranting against JP Morgan deflects people from the real target: the people who have the Western politicians and governments in their pockets.

    JP Morgan seems to be just a front. Their Silver “shorts” are held on behalf of their biggest customer probably the US government


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