The Great Culling – A Hard-Hitting Film About Water, Fluoride, Food, Vaccines And More

The Great Culling – a hard-hitting film about water, fluoride, food, vaccines and more – needs your support to be completed (Natural News, April 01, 2012)

The Great Culling is a film trilogy that’s already in production. The film’s creators — who also helped produce What In the World Are They Spraying


— have already wrapped up numerous interviews for the film including one with myself, the Health Ranger.

See the powerful, hard-hitting trailer about the first chapter of this trilogy, called The Great Culling: Our Water:


This first film includes interviews with:
• Dr. Paul Connett, PhD
• Dr. Charlie Goetschel, PhD
• Mike Adams
• Gary O. Pittman
• Dr. James E. Rota, DDS
• Dr. Laura Pressley, PhD
• Dr. Doris Rapp, MD
• Jeff Green
• Former Senator Karen Johnson
• Luca Zanna

Here’s an update from the filmmakers about work on the water segment:


(This includes some footage of my meeting with the filmmakers in my Austin studio.)

NaturalNews pledges $2500 in matching donations to help complete this important film

This film needs community support to be completed. You may donate to help complete this film at:

NaturalNews will match your donations up to total of $2500. We are working in other ways to help get this film completed, because we think this film could be a real game changer in the debate about ending the fluoride poisoning of our water.

Right now, NaturalNews is supporting a number of films, including recently completing a $10,000 matching donation to Jeffrey Smith’s group in order to complete an important film on GMOs. We believe that these films need to be made and widely viewed across the ‘net. They are one of the most powerful ways to reach people with a message of truth and empowerment. Plus, they completely bypass the conventional media and all its bias toward protecting the interests of its advertisers.

Here’s a video of me asking for your support of this film:

Together, we can help see this film become a reality in just the next couple of months! Once released, I believe it could be viewed by millions of people, spreading a powerful message about safe drinking water and the dangers of water fluoridation and even the pollution of public water supplies with pharmaceuticals and other dangerous chemicals.

Please consider making a donation to help support the completion of this film:

P.S. Part two of this trilogy is about FOOD. It will also cover vaccines. There’s much more to come from this film production team, and it’s all centered around a message of truth and full disclosure about what’s really happening in our world.

Please share this article so that others may consider lending their support, even if on a small scale. Together, we are powerful. We are a community of truth-tellers, and The Great Culling is one truth that dearly needs to be told.

How to contact the filmmakers

You may contact the filmmakers at

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  1. Film Makers:
    What is the current status of your fund-raising effort, and could you send me a financial statement which shows this? I would like to send a donation, but perhaps it is not needed at this date. Thank You, CT Curtin


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