Peter Schiff tells the Saudis how to rule the financial world

I have not published this to criticize Peter Schiff. He just tells it like it is. This is not unpatriotic. This is the truth. The truth ranges far above patriotism.

(I could get carried away here by saying that: “Truth is the basis of love, without truth love cannot grow.”)

And NO, I am not a follower of Peter Schiff either. I disagree with him in several points:

1. I know that there is an elite out there, that manipulates the economy into the Greatest Depression ever. He believes that the government and the Fed are only ignorant and incompetent.

2. I am pretty sure that the price of oil will not go up for a while.

3. I told everybody to get out of the stock markets in Oct./Nov./Dec. 2007 and move into gold and invest into self-sufficiency. (Peter Schiff also advised to buy gold and thinks that gold will rise above $ 2000 an ounce in the very near future and then higher and I totally agree on that.)

With everything else that comes to my mind right now, Peter Schiff is in my opinion spot on and will be proven right again in the future.

I am grateful that there are at least some great minds left that speak their truth, no matter what mediocrity thinks about them. If you want to learn something about economics, then listen to Ron Paul and Peter Schiff.

Source: YouTube

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