Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 – 2007 (2nd Edition)

Peter Schiff will also be right on Inflation and Gold.

The dollar is not strong because it is ‘the reserve currency’, it is strong because of all the liquidation going on and people are just sitting on cash waiting for better times to come.

What we see now is not deflation, it is the force of liquidation. M3 is over 18%! We will see inflation, even hyperinflation in the US.

Peter Schiff and Ron Paul will be so damn right about the economy.

Today UN economists warn that dollar is in for a hard landing next year:
“The current strength of the dollar is temporary and the US currency risks a hard landing in 2009, according to a team of United Nations economists who foresaw a year ago that a US downturn would bring the global economy to a near standstill.”

2. November 2008

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