French Men’s Sperm Count Plummets 32.3 Percent Over Last 16 Years

The case of the disappearing sperm: French men’s sperm count plummets over last 16 years (Natural News, Dec 14, 2012):

The world is becoming an increasingly hostile place for the survival and persistence of masculinity, particularly with regards to male fertility and vitality. A deadly combination of estrogenic toxins in the food supply; harmful chemicals in the environment, and poor lifestyle is causing an ongoing and drastic reduction in men’s sperm counts, according to a new study published in the journal Human Reproduction, which illustrates the continuing decline of men in today’s world.

Researchers from France conducted their study specifically on French men aged 18 to 70, tracking average sperm counts across the country between the years of 1989 and 2005. According to their findings, sperm counts among all French men in this age range dropped by about 1.9 percent per year on average, and by 32.3 percent on average over the course of the entire 16-year period studied. The number of normally-shaped sperm in men also dropped by an astounding 33.4 percent during the study period.

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Couple Who Couldn’t Conceive Stunned When Doctors Revealed Husband’s LAPTOP Was Cooking His Sperm

Couple who couldn’t conceive stunned when doctors revealed husband’s LAPTOP was cooking his sperm (Daily Mail, Nov 5, 2012):

  • Couple, both 30, visited doctors after trying to conceive for six months
  • Doctors said heat from a laptop had damaged Mr Reed’s sperm
  • Three months after Mr Reed stopped using his computer in his lap his wife conceived
  • They now have an 11-month-old daughter

A couple who struggled to have a baby were stunned when doctors said their laptop was to blame.

Scott Reed was told having the appliance on his lap had caused heat damage to his sperm.

And, as a result, the 30-year-old electrician and his wife, Laura, also 30, were finding it harder to conceive.

Mr Reed started using his laptop on a table instead and three months later Mrs Reed became pregnant with baby daughter Taryn.

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Bill Gates Funds Technology To Cause Instant Male Infertility

“If you ever had any doubts about Bill Gates’ global depopulation agenda, look no further than today’s headlines: The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has invested big bucks in a new sperm-destroying technology.

Remember, this is the man who openly said to a live audience that vaccines could help “reduce the world population” by 10 to 15 percent. Now he’s funding efforts to induce widespread male infertility.”

– Mike Adams, Natural News

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Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are For Depopulation

Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm (Natural News, Feb. 01, 2012:

Mass vaccination is apparently not the only depopulation strategy being employed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as new research funded by the organization has developed a way to deliberately destroy sperm using ultrasound technology. BBC News reports that the Gates Foundation awarded a grant to researchers from the University of North Carolina (UNC) to develop this new method of contraception.

For their study, the UNC team tested ultrasound on lab rats and found that two 15-minute doses “significantly reduced” both sperm counts and sperm integrity. When administered two days apart through warm salt water, ultrasound caused the rats’ sperm counts to drop below ten million sperm per milliliter, which is five million less than the “sub-fertile” range, and stay that way for up to six months.

The report claims the technology is for contraceptive purposes only and not for causing sterility. However, Dr. James Tsuruta, who led the research, told reporters that it is unclear whether or not the technology can cause long-term damage, and that more research is needed to determine whether or not repeated ultrasounds cause permanent damage.

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