What Happens To All The Salt We Dump On The Roads?

It destroys the environment.

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Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

What Happens to All the Salt We Dump On the Roads? (The Smithsonian, Jan 7, 2014):

As much of the country endures from the heavy snowfall and bitter cold that has marked the start of 2014, municipalities in 26 states will rely on a crucial tool in clearing their roads: salt.

Because the freezing point of salty water is a lower temperature than pure water, scattering some salt atop ice or snow can help accelerate the melting process, opening up the roads to traffic that much sooner. It’s estimated that more than 22 million tons of salt are scattered on the roads of the U.S. annually—about 137 pounds of salt for every American.

But all that salt has to go somewhere. After it dissolves—and is split into sodium and chloride ions—it gets carried away via runoff and deposited into both surface water (streams, lakes and rivers) and the groundwater under our feet.

Consider how easily salt can corrode your car. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a problem for the surrounding environment—so much that in 2004, Canada categorized road salt as a toxin and placed new guidelines on its use. And as more and more of the U.S. becomes urbanized and suburbanized, and as a greater number of roads criss-cross the landscape, the mounting piles of salt we dump on them may be getting to be a bigger problem than ever.

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Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

Sea Salt, Is it Good For You? (The Raw Advantage, May 24, 2012):

Well well well Growing up Salt is looked at and called “the Spice of Life”, we should “Take all with a Grain of Salt”, its been revered and deemed of great value for Literal Ages! When we look at the properties, effects and supposed benefits of salt its no wonder why its played such a large role in our history. From the many varieties of “sea Salt” to Mined “rock salts” all of different character and colour Salt has been Used to Preserve, Pickle, Dry, and Stimulate the tastebuds!

When you really think about it Before we started Tilling the earth and digging up Tubers, Harvesting Grains and cooking our food (less than 1% of our time on the Planet) we Have been eating whole fresh ripe raw foods that didn’t really require anything to “pep” them up! Eating seasonally from the abundance nature has to offer in our ideal habitat the need to Store, preserve, Pickle is basically Nil. Moving outside of our natural environment has in part caused us to degrade over to a Comparatively Bland Diet made up of Cooked Starches and Meats, adding Salt makes that otherwise relitively Bland food Taste good!

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Scientists Find Excess Salt Consumption Causes Millions Of Heart Disease Deaths Worldwide

Excess salt consumption found to be the cause of millions of heart disease deaths worldwide (Natural News, July 20, 2013):

New cases of cardiovascular disease continue to mount in the U.S. and worldwide, making this the leading killer of men, women and children in western cultures. Enlightened, health-conscious individuals now understand that heart disease is not only preventable, but also treatable in all but the most advanced stages. Lifestyle modifications including elimination of processed and fried foods, smoking cessation, stress reduction and adequate physical activity are among some of the changes that promote heart health and dramatically lower future disease risk.

Excess salt consumption from synthetic salt products is a known risk factor for early heart disease, but researchers now report that sodium, largely coming from the disproportionate amount of processed foods that many people eat, is killing millions around the globe. Scientists from the Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health now report the result of their research that found how eating too much salt contributed to 2.3 million deaths from heart attacks, strokes and other heart-related diseases throughout the world in 2010, representing 15 percent of all deaths due to these causes.

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