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Jan 13, 2016

Among the top science news stories of 2015, dramatic affirmations of the electromagnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun have been demonstrated. With each new discovery, the Sun’s profound influence on Earth’s climate and weather becomes more self-evident. However, it seems that the electrical nature of the Earth/Sun connection, and its role in so-called climate change, remains nowhere to be found in the popular climate change debate. Today, we check in on one of the leading skeptics of the theory of man-made climate change, solar physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn.

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Piers Corbyn: ‘Man-Made Climate Change Is A Con’ – ‘If You Look At History, CO2 Levels Follow Temperature Changes, Not The Other Way Round’

Piers Corbyn Man-made Climate Change is a Con - BBC

Piers Corbyn: “Man-made Climate Change is a Con”: 

Scientist Piers Corbyn doesn’t mince words when explaining what all that hot air about global warming and man-made climate change is about. “Follow the money,” he says.

Corbyn is the brother of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and a scientist and long-term weather forecaster. He thinks we are all getting too hot under the collar about the issue, and he explains why in a three-minute clip.

While world leaders and corporate representatives meet in Paris during the COP21 with the intention of passing a new set of mandatory regulations which signatory members will have to abide by, Corbyn explains that not one single independent study shows that human activity is the sole or the strongest cause of global warming.

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The Great Global Warming Swindle (Documentary – Full Length)

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Global warming is a scam:

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