Piers Corbyn: ‘Man-Made Climate Change Is A Con’ – ‘If You Look At History, CO2 Levels Follow Temperature Changes, Not The Other Way Round’

Piers Corbyn Man-made Climate Change is a Con - BBC

Piers Corbyn: “Man-made Climate Change is a Con”: 

Scientist Piers Corbyn doesn’t mince words when explaining what all that hot air about global warming and man-made climate change is about. “Follow the money,” he says.

Corbyn is the brother of the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn and a scientist and long-term weather forecaster. He thinks we are all getting too hot under the collar about the issue, and he explains why in a three-minute clip.

While world leaders and corporate representatives meet in Paris during the COP21 with the intention of passing a new set of mandatory regulations which signatory members will have to abide by, Corbyn explains that not one single independent study shows that human activity is the sole or the strongest cause of global warming.

Corbyn clarified on the BBC’s This Week show, that there is very little science behind the notion that humans cause global warming and that the world is indeed being hoodwinked. “It is the IPCC who appoints” the scientists who later come up with data to make the science fit the policy. The IPCC is a United Nations political body, not a scientific one, however, its statements are understood as science.

While on mainstream media the public hears about how the majority of scientists is for the theory that humans cause climate change and global warming, Corbyn also explains that in fact it is quite a minority who supports such a notion. Out of the 12,000 papers published on climate change, only 0.3% of the authors have thrown their support for the current theory of anthropogenic global warming.

According to Corbyn, the current push for carbon taxes will ultimately hurt the poorest people because taxes on carbon emissions are leveraged on energy and basic products and services which means that the poorest won’t have a way to pay for energy or food, should the current belief system continue to be held.

The theory that we have had the hottest years on record since about 1997 is one of the points that Corbyn disputes the most, because the measurements gathered by so-called scientists only reflect temperatures on land-based weather stations, which in most cases are located in large cities. This means that all other weather stations around the world as well as satellite data has been left out on purpose to accommodate the data to the political desire to set up a global carbon exchange system that will surely enrich a few while killing millions of people in the long run.

“If you look at history, CO2 levels follow temperature changes, not the other way round,” explained Corbyn. “That is because the temperature of the sea controls the amount of CO2 in the environment.”

People who support the unscientific notion that humans cause climate change or the CO2 is a powerful greenhouse gas have come to the extreme to say that the debate is over and that action must take place, forgetting that if there is one fact about science is that it is always changing. This is more evident when there are political entities dictating policy based on their agendas rather than on real science.

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