Silver Price Manipulation: JP Morgan -v- Bunker Hunt — HSBC And JP Morgan Held Massive 85% Of Silver Shorts

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The True Story Of Nelson Bunker Hunt

Added: 25.05.2011

Australia’s leading television broadcaster has compared JP Morgan as silver price manipulators similar to Bunker Hunt in the late 1970’s, with one major difference. JP Morgan has a concentrated short position to drive the silver price lower.

Bullionmark CEO, Mark van der Sluys, who was interviewed by the Lateline Business program believes the silver price is manipulated lower to maintain confidence in paper currency in particular the US dollar. “It is well understood that interest rate markets are manipulated through Quantitative Easing and currencies are managed through market interventions, so why is it such a shock that large investment banks are managing silver prices lower to support broader central bank and government policy?”

When asked about the recent sell off in the silver price, van der Sluys suggests “that the silver fundamentals remain strong and precious metals are the ultimate hedge against Government and Central bank incompetency. Gold and Silver should be part of every investment portfolio.”

Silver threatens Silver Thursday repeat (Lateline Business – ABC NEWS)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Broadcast: 25/05/2011
Reporter: Phillip Lasker

A recent rapid rise and fall in the price of silver has left many making comparisons with 1980’s Silver Thursday and Texan Bunker Hunt.


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The True Story Of Nelson Bunker Hunt

The Hunt Brothers

Over 30 years ago, a man by the name of Nelson Bunker Hunt hatched the perfect plan: protect his inherited wealth (which then was one of the largest legacy fortunes in the world) from the inflationary destruction of “paper” assets by converting his assets into silver, and in the process cover the silver market, and send the price of silver to an inflation adjusted price of over $140 (nearly three times higher than the nearly record nominal silver price hit last week).

Understandably, Hunt’s name has appeared very often in the popular media in recent months, since after all it was the “Hunt” price that the May 1 silver smackdown (which will most certainly never be investigated) that sent silver from $48 to $42 in seconds that was being protected by the paper cartel. Yet just who is Nelson Bunker Hunt? And how did he cover the silver market when did? What exactly did he do, and is someone doing a comparable silver cornering right now?

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