Europe: Burkini War Continues

Europe: Burkini War Continues:

Authored by Soren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Those in favor of the burkini argue that women should be allowed to wear whatever they choose. Critics of the garment say it is an Islamic religious and political symbol which impedes integration and is incompatible with the liberal principles of secularism and gender equality. In recent months, the debate has added another dimension: public health and hygiene.
  • “Secularism and religion are irrelevant here. The burkini is not a Koranic prescription, but another manifestation of political Islam, militant, destructive, seeking to question our way of life, our culture, our civilization.” — French commentator Yves Thréard in Le Figaro.
  • Europe’s burkini debate has now spread to the Middle East. In Algeria, thousands of women have joined a “bikini revolt” to reclaim the public space from Islamists who oppose the bikini as a symbol of Western values.

A woman who wore a burkini to swim in a pool in southern France has been charged €490 ($580) to pay for cleaning costs at the facility. The incident, which sparked accusations of Islamophobia, is the latest salvo in an ongoing debate over Islamic dress codes in France and other secular European states.

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French Burkini Controversy Was Set-Up By Muslim Activists In Concert With Television Station

French Burkini Controversy Was Set-Up By Muslim Activists In Concert With Television Station:

“Selectively edited” Footage of a young Muslim woman wearing a so-called Burkini being threatened on a French beach was a deliberate set-up for the benefit of a Channel Seven Australia television crew, according to revelations in the Australian press.

Newspapers around the world sympathetically reported the plight of 23-year-old Australian Muslim university student Zeynab Alshelh this week after images emerged which purported to show her being harrassed on a French beach.

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‘Burkini Pool Party’ Cancelled After Negative Response


‘Burkini Pool Party’ Cancelled After Negative Response:

An event touted as a “Burkini Pool Party” in France has been cancelled after organizers claimed to have received threats including bullets that were mailed to them.

Organisers at the Speedwater pool in Pennes-Mirabeau, near Marseilles provoked outrage from politicians and locals after they announced they would be holding a burkini-only pool party at the swimming pool.

The group who held the event, a woman’s Muslim association called Smile 13, has now announced that the event will be canceled. According to the group they had received multiple threats against their staff including an envelope mailed to them which included several bullets, Le Figaro reports.

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