Buckwheat plays an exceptional role in the #oilproteindiet.It´s a #pseudograin cause it belongs to botanical family of Polygonaceous plants.

Sprout seeds, like buckwheat, grains before you eat them. With flax seeds and chia seeds it is enough to soak them for a few minutes in water (add more water if needed).

Also soak walnuts, brazil nuts, almonds for at least 6 hours in water before you eat them.

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Russians panic-buying buckwheat amid national shortage

Russians panic-buying buckwheat amid national shortage (Ice Age Now, Dec 29, 2014):

Bad harvest in Siberia has seen Russia run out of the loved grain.

Buckwheat turning to gold?

The Russian economy is close to collapse after a desperate interest rate hike failed to halt a slide in the value of the battered Russian rouble.

The currency has lost around half its value this year due to falling oil prices and the impact of Western sanctions on Moscow over the annexation of Crimea and ‘destabilisation’ of eastern Ukraine.

The entire Russian stock market is now worth less than the market value of Microsoft.

However, the Russians are concerned with a more pressing crisis: they are running out of buckwheat.

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