Russians panic-buying buckwheat amid national shortage

Russians panic-buying buckwheat amid national shortage (Ice Age Now, Dec 29, 2014):

Bad harvest in Siberia has seen Russia run out of the loved grain.

Buckwheat turning to gold?

The Russian economy is close to collapse after a desperate interest rate hike failed to halt a slide in the value of the battered Russian rouble.

The currency has lost around half its value this year due to falling oil prices and the impact of Western sanctions on Moscow over the annexation of Crimea and ‘destabilisation’ of eastern Ukraine.

The entire Russian stock market is now worth less than the market value of Microsoft.

However, the Russians are concerned with a more pressing crisis: they are running out of buckwheat.

Following a poor annual harvest in Siberia, Russians are now bulk-buying buckwheat, which is eaten across the country’s time zones and social classes.

Russians have seen a marked rise in prices of essentials in recent weeks as inflation bites, and today there was a warning of another 15 per cent rise in early 2015.

1 thought on “Russians panic-buying buckwheat amid national shortage”

  1. Lets see, Russia’s economy is close to collapse because of wheat shortages, regardless of the many food choices they receive from Brazil.
    Brazil’s economy is close to collapse because……regardless of their wealth of products for use and export.
    Everyone but the US, if one believes the fools who write these articles…..and it is the US close to collapse, not Brazil (B of BRICS) or Russia (the R in BRICS). Next, it will be India, China and South Africa.
    What rubbish. I would be sure this nation would be delighted to change with either economy, both well stocked with varieties of natural and MFG resources.
    Get real, it is the US that is in trouble, not Brazil or Russia.


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