Donation & The Many Benefits Of The Birch Tree (Betula Alba) – How To Tap A Birch Tree

Birch (Betula alba). For those who missed … How To Tap A Birch Tree – Birch Sap – Birkensaft Zapfen (Videos). A birch tree of 50 cm trunk diameter in breast height can deliver up to 10 liters per day. However, the branch method is less invasive for the birch tree. Regular intake of birch sap has shown to reduce pollen allergies. The birch is a blood purifier. The Native Americans used bark tea as a herbal remedy to relieve pain as it contains methyl salicylate, a natural aspirin. Studies have shown that the bark of Betula alba negatively affects cancerous skin cells. Birch leaves (commonly used as tea) for: Spring cleanse, kidney stones, urinary gravel, cystitis, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, psoriasis, eczema, edema, … . A study was done with patients who had infected wounds ranging from shallow to very deep cuts. Each patient was treated with the tincture of Birch buds. Very good results were obtained after using the tincture on all of the patients including ones with anti-biotic resistant infections. Birch has historically been used to expel worms. A tea of the twigs and bark aids in ridding the mouth of canker sores. In research, “Betulin -based treatment was several times more effective than the current most popular herpes treatment.” Betulinic acid has been noted as a “highly selective inhibitor of human melanoma growth and was reported to induce apoptosis in these cells.” In some studies on mice that were carrying human abnormal skin growths and were treated with betulinic acid, the growths were “completely inhibited without toxicity.”

Twentieth donation in 2016.

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How To Tap A Birch Tree – Birch Sap – Birkensaft Zapfen (Videos)

Just don’t boil/cook (= kill) nature’s perfect water!

The second video mentions that research has shown that birch sap has cancer healing properties. Not if you buy it bottled and pasteurized! Have to drink it fresh to have that anti-cancer effect.

For the same reason bottled (pasteurized) juices, incl. coconut water, are pretty much useless.

The tree has to defend itself against fungi, bacteria and viruses and so its cancer fighting properties should not be surprising for those that know that every cancerous tumor is full of parasites.

Birch sap is nature’s distilled water with lots of organic minerals, vital nutrients and vital energy in it.

Same method can be used with maple trees.

In a survival situation this knowledge might be very useful.

Try this during springtime and enjoy the sap!

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The birch in this video has been growing like that, because it is probably growing above a water vein:

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Video is in German, but the (relatively non invasive, compared to drilling) branch-bottle method is self-explanatory…

At 14:46 into the video you see the results…