How To Tap A Birch Tree – Birch Sap – Birkensaft Zapfen (Videos)

Just don’t boil/cook (= kill) nature’s perfect water!

The second video mentions that research has shown that birch sap has cancer healing properties. Not if you buy it bottled and pasteurized! Have to drink it fresh to have that anti-cancer effect.

For the same reason bottled (pasteurized) juices, incl. coconut water, are pretty much useless.

The tree has to defend itself against fungi, bacteria and viruses and so its cancer fighting properties should not be surprising for those that know that every cancerous tumor is full of parasites.

Birch sap is nature’s distilled water with lots of organic minerals, vital nutrients and vital energy in it.

Same method can be used with maple trees.

In a survival situation this knowledge might be very useful.

Try this during springtime and enjoy the sap!

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The birch in this video has been growing like that, because it is probably growing above a water vein:

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Video is in German, but the (relatively non invasive, compared to drilling) branch-bottle method is self-explanatory…

At 14:46 into the video you see the results…