Far-right, even racist views go mainstream in Central Europe

Far-right, even racist views go mainstream in Central Europe:

ZAGREB, Croatia (AP) — The Croatian president thanks Argentina for taking in notorious pro-Nazi war criminals after World War II. In Bulgaria, a top politician calls the country’s Roma minority “ferocious humanoids.” And Hungary’s prime minister declares the “color” of Europeans should not mix with that of Africans or Arabs.

Ever since WWII, such views were taboo in Europe, confined to the far-right fringes. Today they are openly expressed by mainstream political leaders in parts of Central and Eastern Europe, part of a populist surge in the face of globalization and mass migration.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Wind of change.
Defiance of impractical leftist dogma will be ridiculed as fascist patriotism, and that labelling will ignite civil unrest by ordinary civilians wanting a national identity to be proud of, not a politically watered down eunuch.”

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