Emmanuel Macron In Front Of The Louvre Pyramid With The All-Seing Eye (Video)

I saw a photo of this on Twitter before and thought this must be a joke, but it is real, as the video proves without a shadow of a doubt.

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Lynn de Rothschild: “This (Emmanuel Macron’s election) gives hope to young people everyplace; we need #newblood in #USA”


Emmanuel Macron and David Rothschild

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16 thoughts on “Emmanuel Macron In Front Of The Louvre Pyramid With The All-Seing Eye (Video)”

  1. Emmanuel Macron’s unlikely path to the French presidency

    Macron perceived that the “new divide” among French voters was not between left and right but rather between an open and closed society, Heisbourg said.

    Defending an open, multicultural society was a central component of En Marche (Onward), the movement Macron launched in 2016. “Globalization can be a great opportunity,” he said at one point on the campaign trail. “There is no such thing as French culture,” he said at another. “There is culture in France, and it is diverse.”


  2. This number of glass plates on the pyramid is just an urban legend, which is not true
    Neither your english or french texts admit it being exact, it was just PRETENDED many times…
    Is Dominique Setzepfandt architect of that pyramid, or is it a random lunatic ?! Further, this text was NOT in the french Wikipedia recently and is not there now, it was not there a year ago and not a two years ago (see revision history)… Where did you get it from ?


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