Sweden: 5 Afghan Migrants Brutally Rape Underage Boy For Over An Hour And Film The Attack

Afghan Migrants Brutally Rape Underage Boy and Film the Attack:

Five Afghani migrants in the Swedish city of Uppsala brutally raped an underage boy for over an hour in the woods and reports claim they filmed the attack on their mobile phones.

The boy, who is said to be under the age of 15, was assaulted in the woods in the Swedish city by the five Afghans aged 16 and 17 at knifepoint for well over an hour. The ordeal took place in the early morning hours of October the 25th and the five migrants have all been charged with sexual offences on a minor, Aftonbladet reports.

One of the migrants who filmed the attack on his mobile phone later posted the graphic footage to social media. Authorities have brought charges of creation of child pornography to the migrant who filmed the attack, as well.

The victim, who also comes from Afghanistan, was severely beaten according to a court document. It stated the attackers beat him around the head before “grabbing the defendant, covering his mouth and dragging or carrying him into a woodland area”.

It is also claimed that the boy was spat on and had his back bitten by one of the young Afghanis.

The five migrants have all denied that they assaulted the young boy and some have even said they were not present during the assault. Police have shown that the mobile phone footage clearly shows the faces of the migrants carrying out the assault.

Officers say the victim was intimidated and threatened with the footage as the attackers told the boy they would post it on Facebook if he told police – which they did anyway before being arrested.

Prosecutor Johan Strömbäck says that he wants the teens to be deported if they are found guilty. Defence lawyer Stefan Wallin claims that his client didn’t have any recollection of being present at the attack saying: “He has no recollection of the events because of alcohol intoxication.”

The case bears a striking similarity to another rape of an underage migrant in Sweden earlier this year. In February, a 15-yeatr-old Afghan migrant was raped by a group of fellow migrants.

The child was taken out to a field outside an asylum centre in the city of Malmö where two older Afghan boys sexually abused him and struck multiple blows to his head.

In April, a migrant girl was raped in Sweden by an Afghan who claimed to be underage, but was revealed to be an adult. The man raped the 15-year-old girl as they watched a TV programme together at an asylum home and was later arrested. The young girl had only been in the country for two days before the assault.

Sweden charges 5 teenage refugees with beating, gang-raping boy for over an hour:

Five asylum seekers, who arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied minors, have been charged with anally raping a young Afghan male teen at gunpoint in a premeditated assault in Uppsala, a city outside Stockholm.

Swedish state prosecutor John Stromback told AP and local media outlets that two of the alleged perpetrators, who are all aged 16 or 17, were “annoyed with the victim,” who they knew socially. Four of the defendants are Afghans, while a fifth has requested a Farsi interpreter for legal proceedings.

On one evening in October, the gang surrounded and began hitting the victim, who was younger than 15 years of age, in the head and body, before putting a gun to his mouth and dragging him off to a nearby woodland.

The group spat on and taunted the victim, as each took turns anally raping the boy, with the described ordeal lasting “for more than an hour.”

As the assailants took turns, the onlookers filmed the anal penetration, threatening to post the video on social media, if he complained to the police.

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