HEY, MUSLIM ‘ASYLUM SEEKERS’ – You can help gang rape a Swedish woman and get $15,000 in damages when the court decides you were only a “passive” participant



HEY, MUSLIM ‘ASYLUM SEEKERS’ – You can help gang rape a Swedish woman and get $15,000 in damages when the court decides you were only a “passive” participant:

One of the African Muslim invaders invaders posing as asylum seekers, who was present when a woman in Ludvika was brutally gang-raped has now been granted 140,000 Swedish kronor ($15,000) in damages from Swedish taxpayers. This, despite the fact that he had participated in the rape and even kissed the woman, reports the Dala-Democrat.


Fria Tider (h/t GOV) The gang rape took place in central Ludvika at 12:30am the night of Saturday, 17th of October last year.

The woman was on her way home when she stopped at the ATM machine at Fredsgatan. At the ATM several African men stopped her and asked her for cigarettes. Upon leaving, one of the Africans followed her to an alley by the restaurant Trädgården where he asked her to give him a kiss.

“No, I have a boyfriend,” the woman explained to no avail, as the African then shoved his tongue into her mouth.


Two other Africans suddenly appeared and the woman thought they would come to her rescue. Instead, the Africans formed a circle around the woman, pulled down her pantyhose and panties and subjected her to both anal and vaginal rape while the others helped hold her.

The woman was shocked, and screamed for help during the gang rape, which lasted fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally a Swedish man arrived at the scene and asked the Eritreans what they were doing, which led to the Africans scattering in different directions.


When she was found she lay completely battered on the ground without both panty-hose and panties. “I was in a panic and completely destroyed,” the woman told the hearing.

The district court sentenced each of the three Africans to four years in prison, the penalty for aggravated rape. But the Court of Appeal chose to free the Africans because the victim described “one of the men as more passive during the rape,” reports the Dala-Democrat, and the court decided therefore that all three men would be acquitted.


“The Court of Appeal claims that there was no evidence that he had been involved. Nor it is considered proven who did what, even if the Court of Appeal also speculates about it. The conclusion is that no one can be charged,” writes the local newspaper.

And now one of the Africans has been awarded damages by the Attorney General, JK. He will receive 140,000 Swedish crowns for the time he was detained, according to the government decision, the Dala-Democrat reports. According to the local newspaper, given this decision the other convicted African rapists can also sue for damages at the Swedish taxpayers’ expense.


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