Clinton staffers using ‘Snowden-approved’ app to hide Trump-related conversations

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Clinton staffers using ‘Snowden-approved’ app to hide Trump-related conversations:

Staffers from Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s campaign were reportedly advised to use a special app when communicating about Republican nominee Donald Trump to hide information from hackers, Vanity Fair reported.

The app, called Signal, is “Snowden-approved,” according to Vanity Fair.Snowden has praised Signal in the past. He said on Twitter that he uses the app “every single day.”

The app uses end-to-end encryption. The point of it is to make sure only the people sending and receiving a message are able to see it.

“We cannot hear your conversations, and no one else can either,” the app says, regarding phone calls made using it. “No exceptions.”

The app also has a method to make sure you are talking to the correct person and to ensure the call hasn’t been compromised.

Last month, a trove of emails were released by WikiLeaks that appeared to show top officials at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) planning ways to undermine Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s presidential campaign.

The DNC was reportedly made aware as far back as April that its servers had been compromised. Staffers were advised later to use the Signal app to talk about Trump. An email was sent out that told staffers how to download and use the app.

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has warned that the organization expects to release more information with some “unexpected angles” regarding Clinton ahead of the general election.

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