CO2 is very nearly 0% of the atmosphere


CO2 is very nearly 0% of the atmosphere:

In other words, not far from zero.


CO2 is very nearly 0% of the atmosphere

“Deniers” need to start attacking the fairy tale more aggressively, at the roots.
By Ray Kraft

How can a trivial 1 part per 10,000 increase in a trace gas (from 0.03% to 0.04%) cause any detectable, distinguishable, change in the climate? It makes no sense.

The world has fallen for the classical sophomoric fallacy that correlation = causation.

And then it’s invented all kinds of computerized climate change models to prove it.

But the computer models are Speculation (predictions of future events) based on Assumption (the assumption that CO2 is the only or primary driving force in climate change).

Speculations and Assumptions are not admissible evidence, in law, or in science (real science), and Speculation based on Assumptions is doubly inadmissible evidence.

When will “Deniers” start pointing out, very publicly, that CO2 is very nearly 0% of the atmosphere, the air? 0.04%, exactly, or more or less, 1 part per 2,500.

Nobody knows this. Almost. I’ve asked a few dozen people over the last few years how much CO2 they think it in the air, the estimates, guesses, range from 5% to 80%, nobody had any idea it was much less than 1%, much less than 1/10th of 1%.

Fraud by omission

In the law biz, we call this “fraud by omission,” by omitting to disclose relevant facts, and the Changers never mention that CO2 is a trivial 0.04% of the air, and the media never calls them on it, and Obama probably has got such an earful from the Changers that he doesn’t know this either.

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