NOAA in 1974: Global Cooling Will Starve the World


NOAA – Global Cooling Will Starve the World:

“Annual average temperatures over the Northern Hemisphere increased rather dramatically from about 1890 through 1940, but have been falling ever since.”
– NOAA 1974

“The poorest nations, already beset by man-made disasters, have been threatened by a natural one: the possibility of climatic changes …perhaps throughout the world. The implications for global food and population policies are ominous…”
– NOAA, 1974

“Many climatologists have associated this drought and other recent weather anomalies with a global cooling trend and changes in atmospheric circulation which, if prolonged, pose serious threats to major food-producing regions of the world.” 
– NOAA, 1974

“Some climatologists think that the present cooling trend may be the start of a slide into another period of major glaciation, popularly called an ice age.”
– NOAA 1974

So which should we be worried about? Cooling? Warming? An ice age?

Or should we be more worried about political opportunism?

See entire article:

NOAA Publication, October 1974:

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