The SHOCKING Inside Scoop On Being a Guest Writer At Zero Hedge

The SHOCKING Inside Scoop On Being a Guest Writer At Zero Hedge:

by ‘George Washington’ of Washington’s Blog

I’ve been a guest writer at Zero Hedge for quite a few years.

Shocking as it may seem, “Tyler” and the gang have put absolutely no pressure on me to spin stories one way or the other.

… Or to avoid any topics.

I’ve asked Tyler more than once whether I should write on a certain topic, and he’s consistently – and shockingly – said I should write whatever I want.

For example,  on September 30, 2009, I asked Tyler about posting rules.

He replied:

You can post whatever, whenever and however you wish.

On January 11, 2010, I wrote: “Tyler: Not Sure Whether This is Appropriate For ZH.”

He wrote back:

Go for it.

On August 17, 2010, I wrote:  “I don’t know if I should post to ZH.”

Tyler responded:

Don’t see why not. People enjoy the debate

On September 5, 2010, I ran a new story by Tyler, asking: “Appropriate or Inappropriate for ZH?”

He wrote back:


On September 10, 2010, I floated another controversial post – which I was sure would be shot down – asking: “Not Appropriate for ZH?”

Tyler wrote back:

Post. We don’t censor

Those are just a few examples I found in a couple minutes of trawling through my old emails.

And that’s why I like Zero Hedge so much … it really is a free market-place of ideas.

Indeed, I love how the site pulls no punches and slams every clown running amok … whether EU dictocrats,the Keynesians running the Chinese economy, the failed socialists in Venezuela, Putin, or corrupt American politicians and economic “leaders” (whether they call themselves “Democrats” or “Republicans”.

Like the boy who points out that the emperor has no clothes – when everyone else is busy scraping and bowing and currying favor – Zero Hedge is a great site exactly because it calls it like it sees it.

No wonder ZH has become so popular.   People are hungry for uncensored news.

And no wonder the mainstream media hates it so much …

After all, ZH refuses to bow to the self-proclaimed priests, follow the party line,act politely, be cowed by all of the toys in Big Brother’s  pocket, or stop laughing at the powers-that-be.

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