Iranian Special Forces arrive in Aleppo

Iranian Special Forces arrive in Aleppo:

The Iranian Army’s elite 65th Airborne Brigade (NOHED) reportedly arrived to the southern Aleppo town of Al-Hadher on Tuesday after the recent announcement of their deployment to Syria in order to advise the Syrian Armed Forces.

The official page of the pro-government militia “Liwaa Al-Baqir” was the first to report their arrival; however, there has been no official confirmation from the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

If the news of the 65th Brigade’s arrival to southern Aleppo proves true, then they will likely play an integral role in the coming offensive to seize the Idlib Governorate’s border with Aleppo.

Unlike the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the 65th Brigade – also known as the “Green Berets” – predated the 1979 Islamic Revolution and operates under a different branch of the military.

More importantly, the 65th Brigade differs from the other Iranian forces deployed to Syria because they are primarily a special operations unit.

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