And Now The Weather …


Potential blizzard for parts of the Plains and Upper Midwest:

Expected to hit during the middle of next week.

Blizzard conditions force Chicago drivers to abandon cars – Video:

More than a foot (30 cm) of snow in some areas

Indiana county under state of emergency after major snowstorm:

LaPorte County placed under state of emergency due to heavy snowfall, downed power lines.

Record snowfall in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Some areas received nearly a foot (30 cm) of snow.  

‘Great snow accumulation’ in Iceland:

3rd year in a row

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5 thoughts on “And Now The Weather …”

  1. There is so much inconsistency with this subject relating specifically to the future, I cannot but think our brains as well as our lungs are being messed about with.

    Take Dane Wigington of, he is adamant we are on an irreversible Global Warming Trend. His latest January 2016 Seminar shows the entire planet being manipulated with what he won’t call Chemtrails (???) and HAARP controlled shifting of the Northern Jetstream. He claims any cold ‘extremes’ are temporary allowances of climate confusion and all chemtrails will always lead to overall drought.

    John Moore and several others maintain the climate is headed inexorably towards the next mini ice age, possibly accelerated by polar shift and planetary gravitational interference. Mathematically we are indeed overdue a mini ice age as the regular cycle inter-glacial warming should have expired eons ago.

    Every argument can be quite reasonably countered with either logic or facts.
    So what can we do?
    Just plod on in the hope one day it will all become clear….or irrelevant?


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