Selenium Heals Cancers


There are Brazil nuts available in raw food quality.

Selenium Heals Cancers:

This unusual story, edited for Well Being Journal, is of a West Australian farmer told by a reader of Nexus Magazine (, which published the story in its print edition, January/February 2006 issue, page 9. The farmer lives in Melbourne, Australia, and the story is “full of happy endings, almost too good to be true.”

This farmer was diagnosed with bowel cancer. His doctor/surgeon arranged a date for him to check into the hospital to have the cancer removed. In due course, on the date set, after he was checked into the hospital, the doctor/surgeon visited him in his room to tell him that, based on a review of all the tests indicated, his heart was not strong enough to survive such major surgery.

The farmer said, “Doctor, you’re telling me there is nothing you can do for me?” “Yes,” the doctor said, and then apologized for such a late change of decision. The farmer then requested his wife to go and check him out of the hospital, and his son to pack his bag and take it to the car. He said that he would have to go home and treat himself.

For many years, this farmer had treated his cattle and sheep for prevention and cure of various ailments. One particular drench had proved especially effective, and that was Selenium Drench Concentrate. He decided to formulate a daily dose for himself based on his own body weight, as he had so often done for his farm animals.

Over the following few months, he took this dosage on an empty stomach every morning. After several months, his wife said, “I think you are getting better! You look good and don’t seem to be sick at all. I think you had better visit the doctor and have him check you over!” He did so, and the doctor said that, as far as he could tell by examining him externally, the cancer was gone. He told the farmer to go home and enjoy life!

One day shortly after, a well-dressed lady driving an expensive car arrived at the farm. She said, “Your doctor is also my doctor, and he tells me you cured yourself of bowel cancer. I have bowel cancer, and I’ve come to ask you about the treatment you used.”

The farmer replied, “Woman, it could cost me more than my farm to start acting like a doctor, but I know you are desperate. I’ll show you the ingredients and how I mixed them for myself, but I can’t give them to you for your cancer. My wife and I have to go now to do the evening chores—feed the fowls and milk the cows and so on. I know you could take the ingredients with you when I leave the room, but I can’t give them to you.” So, the lady took the ingredients, and treated herself the same way the farmer had himself. Several months later, she returned to the farm with bouquets and gifts. She told her farmer friends that she was cured and their mutual doctor had given her clearance.

Soon after this event, another well-dressed lady arrived by car at the farmer’s house. She had been sent by the first lady. She stated that she had bowel cancer and requested the farmer share his treatment with her. He did the same with her as he had with her friend—and she had the same excellent results.

Several months later, the farmer’s own doctor arrived at the farm, stating that he had come for more than a social visit because he, too, now had bowel cancer and wanted the farmer to share the treatment with him. The farmer did the same as he had with the two ladies, and the doctor had the same excellent results.

The friend of the farmer who told this story was a suspected prostate cancer victim having a very high PSA [prostate-specific antigen] count. He immediately went onto the treatment and very quickly his PSA went down to normal. He said that another friend had been diagnosed positively as having prostate cancer and was planning surgery. He has been on the selenium treatment, and recently was given a medical all-clear. Friends who have gone on the treatment as a precaution have found that minor skin cancers on their hands have cleared up.

The treatment used by the farmer is Selenium Drench Concentrate, which anyone [in Australia] can purchase from veterinary product suppliers. It is liquid selenium. The active constituent in the Drench is 10 mg of selenium per .034 ounce, as sodium selenite. The mixture is one teaspoonful to 68 fluid ounces of water, of which mix you drink 7.6 ounces each morning on an empty stomach, providing about 1 mg selenium per day (1000 mcg = 1 mg).

“I’ve been taking it for several years and it certainly does not appear to produce any ill effects,” the Nexus source states. ∆

Editor’s note: Readers be aware—the dosages in this story are higher than the recommended daily allowance set in the U.S. We found, doing a survey in our local area (Nevada), that agricultural feed stores are not allowed to sell the selenium in liquid form at such a dosage without a veterinary prescription. Also we were not able to track the weight of the farmer for the dosage he used, but we can assume the ladies, the doctor and the man with high PSA varied in weight from the farmer yet nevertheless used the same dosage. A motivating factor in printing this story is to inform readers about the success of selenium in and of itself. It is curious to note that in the agricultural/veterinary sector, animals are given more vitamin and mineral supplements than humans relative to the RDA in the U.S. on a per weight ratio.

Also of interest is the information that one Brazil nut contains enough selenium to exceed the (minimalist 100 mcg) U.S. RDA for selenium (in fact, there are 839 mcg of selenium in one ounce of Brazil nuts)! One may reason that eating as many Brazil nuts as one feels comfortable with seems sensible.

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