To Topple US ‘Oligarchy,’ Sanders Calls for Publicly Financed Elections

H/t reader squodgy:

1 thought on “To Topple US ‘Oligarchy,’ Sanders Calls for Publicly Financed Elections”

  1. Bernie Sanders is appealing to millions because he is not following the Clinton or Romney model……he is reaching out to the voters.

    Clinton would cause the democrats to lose the white house; another republican greedy gut is just like her……she is more of the worst of Washington, nothing she offers is worth a thing. Her outright lies on the trade deal she helped promote and pass……..Her stupidity with the emails show me her usual greedy incompetence, everything is to benefit her as she rides on her husband’s infamy towards a presidential run…….She is an idiot. Does anyone else remember her total fantasy about going to some third world country under fire, literally? She tells the story how they ducked gunfire….the news clip showed it a total lie.

    I canot imagine anyone wanting such a fool as a leader. The talking heads call her the frontrunner, just as they did last time…….I don’t think so, I think Sanders is going to win the democratic nomination. 93.6 million Americans now endure long term unemployment, and Obama’s trade deal just accelerated that number.

    I think Sanders is going to do an Obama on Clinton because he is voicing what the people want to hear…..The talking heads are missing the boat, people are fed up with greedy guts running our nation. Fox’s arrogance in deciding who were the winning ten republicans is beyond belief; we’ll see if the republicans are fool enough to allow it.

    People are sick of the greedy guts running things…..and things are getting worse for the middle class workers, not better. People are paying more attention than greedy guts credit them, and to pre-judge isn’t selling.

    Oh, by the way, Greece’s stock market continues to fall………


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