“Western Central Banks Have Set Us Up; You’ll Hear The Printing Presses From Mars” – “Gold Is A Must-Have Holding In This World.”


“Western Central Banks Have Set Us Up; You’ll Hear The Printing Presses From Mars” (ZeroHedge, July 31, 2015):

As Marc Faber said at SocGen’s January conference, if he could short central banks directly he would do so, but gold is the next best thing; and despite it being sucked into the general commodity malaise, Albert Edwards says “Gold is a must-have holding in this world.”

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  1. Western central banks have set us up, I agree. The entire western first tier nations, the Euro, US ++ are mired in debt. Once nations exceed debt levels beyond 100% of GDP, they are moving backwards, and growth comes to a standstill.

    I saw an article on Bloomberg this morning, it said the US is putting a cap on a decade of stagnation and no growth. Why? It is pretty obvious when they give all the money to banks, greedy gut corporations pay no taxes, and all the losses are piled on the people.

    Today, I saw on You Tube that Ed Schultz is leaving MSNBC. He was the only show I would watch because he addressed things like the continuing corporate takeovers, the central banks debasing of our money, the job losses, the debacle of Obama’s horrible trade deal….all the things nobody else would cover. He was informed two weeks ago that he was fired…….MSNBC is turning his slot over to that horrible Chuck Todd with the dead eyes………..Comcast gave the order.

    Media has become so controlled that any truth tellers will be extinguished. They had cut his show to only one time a day while playing the putz shows over and over……I knew his days were numbered. Thanks to a DVR, I would record and watch his show, I have not viewed a commercial in over 10 years since the advent of the DVR. Evidently, I am not the only one, TV is losing market share, and I applaud the change.

    Unfortunately, the greedy guts are now targeting the web. To view rt.com shows, I have to go through YouTube, McAfee won’t allow me to access them through the website…..a new development. It is going to take some real ingenuity to stay ahead of the greedy guts. For everyone’s sake, I hope there are people up to the task. It would be a true tragedy if they gained control of the last avenue of communication and truth.

    The greedy guts have taken over the Euro, Germany’s takeover of Greece signals a financial conquest equal to any war they ever waged. Except for Switzerland who had the sense to say no, and the UK who kept their own currency, the rest of Europe is now in the hands of German greedy guts…… Excessive debt conquered them.

    The US is vulnerable to the same thing, and with the limited exposure of the activities of the FED and greedy gut banks, much of our wealth has been removed. It has been gradual and insidious, starting with Richard Nixon’s taking us off the gold standard in 1972….I was a young woman then, and bought into his BS about how our technology could support the value of our currency…….For that, and the so-called opening of China, I curse him……His attempt to take over the US, something Bush Jr would do less than 30 years later pales in comparison…….Bush had a corporate controlled media that was silent during the Coup of 2000, and anyone who spoke out was sidelined……The free press had been taken over by 3 corporations…and now corporations control the US.

    Now, the banks do as they please to enrich the few at the cost of everyone else and nobody says a word. We no longer have a free press to speak the truth, if anyone does that, they vanish, or are sidelined like Ed Schultz………

    I am grateful I am no longer young and have an illness that will soon take my life. Everything I believed it is gone……..The populace today doesn’t know or care that all their civil rights are gone…….An apathetic people are a dictator’s most useful subjects…..I forget who said that, but it is profoundly true.

    The banks have suckered most nations (not all) with unsustainable debt. Look what they are doing to Greece. That repulsive Warren Buffet bought himself a Greek island, greedy guts like him are slicing and dividing Greece like a birthday cake…….I hope the people rise up and throw the bastards out.

    This endless excessive greed at the cost of 99% of the world has to be stopped. Until a substantial amount of people care about it enough to risk their own lives to save their standard of living, it will only get worse. I think it will have to get much worse before people shake off the media induced apathy, and look around. Corporate media covers none of these stories…..just rubbish about creeps like Bill Cosby, and stuff he did 40 years ago…….

    Endless diversions have made Media the Message as Marshall McLuan said over 40 years ago. There is no other, it has grown beyond TV to Facebook and other so-called online meeting places……Look at people, everywhere one goes, people are glued to their hand held devices…………oblivious to what transpires around them…………the media is the message in ways Marshall never imagined.

    So, corporations, banks and corporate owned national leaders run amok and nobody dares call them on it……….Whistle blowers are truly in danger of their lives, look at Ed Snowden…..


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