The ‘Fallout’ From Fukushima Summed Up In 1 Disturbing Image

The ‘Fallout’ From Fukushima Summed Up In 1 Disturbing Image (ZeroHedge, July 23, 2015):

 If this is what is happening to a daisy now… good luck to the Olympic athletes in 5 years…

 Four years after the disastrous 2011 earthquake, subsequent tsunami, and Fukushima nuclear meltdown, this small patch of deformed daisies suggests all is not well no matter what Abe tells the world…

We are sure everything is fine.. apart from

Fukushima’s nuclear fuel “missing”

A specially designed robot ‘dying’ after just 3 hours of exposure, or

2000x Normal radiation found in a Tokyo playground

So what is really going in Fukushima?

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  1. It is obvious; the information about nuclear fallout used to be everywhere in the west. Now that it has happened, and nothing can be done to slow or augment it’s horror, it is ignored and denied. Nobody mentions nuclear fallout any longer, it is a “mystery” what Fukushima is creating…………

    We face our own demise, and like all humans who eventually confront death, they run like rabbits….

    I am facing my own death right now, and all the people who knew me now hide…..they cannot face the reality of death, so they avoid me as if my eminent death is somehow catching. They will call, send gifts, do everything but see me….. I see the same fear around Fukushima.

    Many times in my life, and especially my last few years were spent visiting the dying and protecting some dying friends from avaricious and heartless relatives. Everyone abandons the dying; it is human nature.

    I remember a dear friend with many who loved him was abandoned as I am being now. I was the only one who called every day and visited as often as his failing health would permit. One day he said I was the only real friend he had.

    I told him I had thought of the situation at length, and said I believed people don’t know what to say. I told him he had people who loved him, but had no words to comfortably express to him, so they hid. We are not taught how to deal with death and dying in this youth worshiping culture. Hundreds showed up at his funeral, but nobody faced him while dying.

    I think of the words of Bob Dylan when he spoke of those who run from the reality of death……….
    “For those who think death’s honesty won’t fall upon them naturally, life sometimes must get lonely…………….”

    There is much to compare an individual death to Fukushima. People won’t face the truth, and so they run…….Our species is made up of cowards and weaklings, that is why so much of our history is one of oppression and loss.

    The 18th century enlightenment was a magical era………’s results lasted into the 20th century.

    The Coup of 2000 was accepted without a murmur. People are intrinsically lazy and easily led. Seeing that ass take over and destroy this economy for all time was a shocking revelation to me. Except for you, and a few others, there were no protests, no questions, no exposure of his many crimes. To this day, millions suffer thanks to his craven greed and criminality.

    Fukushima is another example of human weakness and folly. I cannot find the words to express my disgust regarding the way Fukushima is not being addressed………………Man runs instead of seeking solutions. As a result, this species, and this way of living, is doomed.


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