Salt “Black Markets” Emerge in Indiana School System as Students Seek to Avoid Bland Michelle Obama Lunches

If this is considered a ‘meal’, then let’s put Michelle on a diet and give her 3 such meals per day for one year.


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And here are Michelle’s dogs …

Salt “Black Markets” Emerge in Indiana School System as Students Seek to Avoid Bland Michelle Obama Lunches (Liberty Blitzkrieg, June 26, 2015):

Late last year, a very popular meme emerged related to public school students taking pictures of their meager and clearly unhealthy school lunch options and posting them on social media. I covered one example in the post: This is What School Lunch Looks Like in Chickasha, Oklahoma. Here’s a picture:

Michelle Obama Lunch

Not only are the portions criminally small, but apparently they are also so bland that students in an Indiana school district have developed a black market in salt and pepper in order to make the lunch edibles. You gotta hand it to these kids. Well done.

From Reason:

Kids in a school district in Indiana have created a black market in salt packets, which they trade and sell to help mitigate the disgusting taste of the so-called healthy lunches mandated under federal guidelines.

These guidelines were championed by First Lady Michelle Obama. Like so many other clumsy government attempts to make people healthier by forbidding the consumption of things they like, the initiative is a costly failure.

“Perhaps the most colorful example in my district is that students have been caught bringing–and even selling–salt, pepper, and sugar in school to add taste to perceived bland and tasteless cafeteria food,” said John S. Payne, the president of Blackford County School Board of Trustees in Hartford City, Indiana.

“This ‘contraband’ economy is just one example of many that reinforce the call for flexibility [with the rules],” he said.

This just goes to show that the human imagination and spirit always finds some way around bureaucratic idiocy.

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In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

1 thought on “Salt “Black Markets” Emerge in Indiana School System as Students Seek to Avoid Bland Michelle Obama Lunches”

  1. Of course it is an economic failure because it was passed to feed a few crony corporate buddies. In Mafia terms, they were Associates to the Wise Guys. Mafias have been pretty well destroyed by government, they have taken over their businesses (especially drugs) and handed all profits to a few corporations. The people have not benefited by this so-called cleanup in any way. Telling people what they have to do with their own offspring would cause me to rise up. My offspring, one child, is over 40, and she was wise enough to have no children…..It is an awful world in which to introduce anyone.

    This is such BS! Yet, the people continue to sleep. Edmund Burke said it best in the 18th century: “In order for evil to flourish, it is only necessary for good men to do nothing.”

    If this isn’t evil, I don’t know what is; this would over the top if my child was forced to eat such rubbish! I would never allow it, I would find the money for a private school first. This is such undermining of the dignity of the parents and family…..

    The next thing is to have children report their parent’s activities to government. Does anyone besides those of us who read this site recall Germany in the 1930s?????

    This is truly EVIL.

    I am sorry to report I will not be present much longer to even urge improvements, my illness is getting to me. Lately, I have been posting from hospital beds. I am okay with it, not seeking sympathy or anything like that. I am scared because I clearly remember the aftermath of the Nazis. I remember encountering people with numbers on their wrists doing low skill jobs, too personally and psychologically destroyed to speak or meet your eye. Those of us who were young in the era of the 1960s truly believed it could never happen again.

    What terrifies me is the mindless apathy I encounter everywhere! Nobody wants to confront this evolving oppressive government. Look at what has happened to Ed Snowden. Everyone says they “appreciate his service” but none will do a God Damn Thing! Look at how leaks have dried up, we could get Nothing on that vicious trade deal. The corrupt congress went right along, regardless they had little access, either.
    REASON: They don’t dare.
    Is it possible nobody remembers? That is what terrifies me. I see nothing to show me otherwise, save this wonderful site, and a few others. Sites that US media suckers believe are dishonest thanks to well developed propaganda have far more truth than most US media sites… is one that I find very informative.

    People have to stop doing nothing……We lost our republic in the Coup of 2000; nothing was ever done to bring it back. The SOB in the White House promised some restoration, instead, he destroyed more political, social and economic rights as a nation, and our future. Permanently Sabotaging one’s own national economy, as well as those of our allies (the Euro) is a new low.

    Sorry if you don’t like my English, but this clown betrayed MILLIONS…….And his fool wife is but a pawn in his ruthless chess game enriching corporate powers and money. In Mafia terms, he is a Made Man.


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