As Greece stares into the abyss, has Spain escaped from crisis?

H/t reader M.G.:

“An article on Spain, and it’s so-called recovery. The second paragraph ought to warn everyone……… is an IMF report. According to this article, Spain is recovering (regardless 50% of working age people under 25 are unemployed….that is the percentage they admit, makes one wonder what the real numbers involve), so is Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, ETC.

Spain is hurting terribly because none of the working people are earning, just treading water at best. When Greece falls, all the lies and holes in the other Euro economies will be exposed for the world……..They list the nations that exited the so-called bailout programs, but none address the growing unemployment in the real economy.

In Spain, 98% of all real estate inquiries are made by those who don’t speak Spanish, foreign greedy guts who want overseas properties cheap………….

At some point, something has to be done about the greedy guts, they have ruined the western economy, and the next hit is about to crush more millions of people…………

This article is worth reading, from the UK Guardian.”

As Greece stares into the abyss, has Spain escaped from crisis? (Guardian, June 20, 2015)

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  1. Germany, France, Spain and Italy are holding over 40% of direct Greek debt…..and nearly 100% of the total in indirect loans. Spain, only recently on lifeline support themselves, cannot afford a Greek domino fall…….neither can Italy.
    Germany and France are also holding far too much of their debt………..when Greece slides, those nations will all suffer with it, especially Spain and Italy…….

    The only growth in the entire western economy is debt, and nothing to sustain it……It cannot hold much longer, regardless of the lies and the power of those spreading them…………..


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