Audience Cheers As Bernie Sanders Laments Global Warming ‘Devastation’

Audience Cheers As Bernie Sanders Laments Global Warming ‘Devastation’ (Ice Age Now, May 29, 2015):

“Sanders is an outspoken socialist who has championed approaches to global warming that give the federal government more power over businesses and Americans’ everyday lives,” says this article by Michael Bastasch.

Audience Cheers As Bernie Sanders Laments Global Warming ‘Devastation’

By Michael Bastasch

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders got his supporters fired up in a speech Tuesday, talking about all the problems in America and his socialist solutions.

The crowd also went wild as Sanders talked about how global warming is “causing devastating problems in our country.”

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1 thought on “Audience Cheers As Bernie Sanders Laments Global Warming ‘Devastation’”

  1. I will say it again, this is a man whose time has come.
    Over 93 million( 93,000,000) long term unemployed, hundreds of thousand more added each month…….

    Millions more Americans are put into the position of desperate and facing homelessness and destitution every month, and nothing is being done to address or repair any of it.

    Millions of Americans are fed up, and are not about to accept another bush or clinton……….Greedy gut puppets are no longer selling……..Seems the only ones not realizing this are the puppets and their owners……

    With the passage of the debacle of a trade deal, another 40% of American jobs will be put at risk. What is 40% of 93 million+?

    For every job lost, 7 more are put in danger.

    There is only one candidate who is addressing the needs and problems of the American people, the only one who is asking for real answers. He is also the only new candidate in a corrupt field of sold out corporate retreads……….

    Clinton is a liar, a cheat, an amoral opportunist and a criminal. Her avid greed and unbridled ambition override everything. Nothing matters to her but personal aggrandizement and more power, and it is very obvious to anyone who looks at her. She does not know or care what the people or this nation might need…….she would say and do anything to get her fat ass back into 1600…….ANYTHING. To say she is a whore is an insult to those who make their living that way……..She has no compunctions, totally amoral.

    I suggest anyone who doubts what I am saying to pick up and read “Primary Colors” and “Game Change.” These stories are easy to read, and show her amoral values better than I can…….

    Add in the stories that have broken in the last few months, and one might wonder (as I do) why she isn’t facing charges for self dealing instead of being allowed to stand for office. I had a nonprofit for a number of years, and the laws for them are far stricter than for regular corporations……..any of us would be in jail if we did stuff like they did………..

    It is the corporate media selling her as a viable candidate because 3 corporations control all US news media outlets, and greedy gut corporations want her……she is a member of their corrupt club. Nobody else wants her.

    I am for Sanders, I believe his time has come.
    Don’t sell him short regardless the corporate media wants everyone to do so………


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