London Housing Bubble Watch: $630/Month For A Bed “In” A Shared Kitchen!

 –    London Housing Bubble Watch: $630/Month For A Bed “In” A Shared Kitchen! (ZeroHedge, May 13, 2015):

You know it’s a bubble when… A listing has appeared online advertising a single bed in a house in London where the mattress is located in the kitchen.


2 thoughts on “London Housing Bubble Watch: $630/Month For A Bed “In” A Shared Kitchen!”

  1. It isn’t just America where the standard of living is being driven downward…….it affects the entire western economy.

  2. Ghost towns in UK are a real problem.
    People shoring up their pension funds with nice properties in quaint or popular locations have been depriving communities of continuity and business for decades, but the failure of Local and National Government to address the issue and its Social consequences has resulted in an exponential growth.

    Where we live, in a picturesque part of the country, small villages have really become ‘holiday villages’ due to a large portion of the properties being let to people on vacation.
    But, out of season, there’s just no one there….reminiscent of THE SHINING.


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