Greece Looks to Russia as Deal With Europe Stumbles

H/t reader M.G.:

“Another article on Greece from Bloomberg…..does not address many of the points the NY times did……..but at least they are mentioning it…”

Greece’s Debt Crisis Explained (Bloomberg, March 25, 2015):

Time is running out for Greece. By early April, the Greek government will have a bond payment come due, and there will be no way for the government to make the payment unless it gets a fresh tranche of cash from its creditors, who are in large part euro zone governments.

H/t reader M.G.:

“Here is a story that ought to be worrying every state of the EU and the US economy……..Greece.

Greek officials are meeting with Russian and Chinese leaders…..Greek leaders already assuring China they have a place in the largest Greek shipping port. Russia and China are financial and political allies, and together, they could easily step in and help Greece if they leave the Euro…..
If Greece leaves the Euro, it will start a financial unraveling that will spread throughout the Euro Zone and the US……”


Greece Looks to Russia as Deal With Europe Stumbles (New York Times, March 30, 2015):

Troika By Syriza


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1 thought on “Greece Looks to Russia as Deal With Europe Stumbles”

  1. This is a huge story, and nobody in the mainstream media is picking up on it yet. Greece is openly seeking agreements with China and Russia, and should they leave the EU…….it is a big bonus for the east…..because it would cause the unraveling of the economy in the EU and the US. This is something everyone ought to watch with care……

    Thanks, Infinite Unknown, for posting the story.


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