Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At ‘New World Order’

Russian president Vladimir Putin

Putin Security Council Slams Obama Attempts At “New World Order” (ZeroHedge, March 25, 2015):

Moscow — which may or may not have to nuke Denmark — says the US has adopted a national security strategy that is decidedly anti-Russian. Although attempts to prove how “isolated” Putin truly is on the geopolitical stage haven’t fared very well of late (what with Russian bombers refueling at former U.S. air bases and Putin plotting Eurasian currency unions) and although Washington’s experience with China’s AIIB membership drive seems to indicate it may be the US that is in fact isolated, The Kremlin doesn’t think The White House is likely to give up on its attempts to ostracize Russia any time soon. 

From a Russian Security Council statement entitled “About The US National Security Strategy“:

In the long term, the United States, in cooperation with its allies will continue the policy of political and economic isolation of Russia, including limiting its ability to export energy and the displacement of all markets for military products, while making it difficult for the production of high-tech products in Russia.

Putin’s security council then proceeds to deliver a remarkably accurate description of Washington’s foreign policy aims including the desire to show off NATO military capabilities (on full display along the Russian border currently), installing puppet governments and propping them up with financial and military support (which is precisely what’s going on now in Ukraine as the US is set to provide military assistance and also financial assistance via a Ukrainian bond issue back by the full faith and credit of the US government), and preserving US hegemony by taking unilateral action across the globe at Washington’s behest (something the US does all the time):

The Strategy emphasizes the US desire to proceed with the formation of a new global economic order. A special place in this order should take a Trans-Pacific Partnership and transatlantic trade and investment partnership that will enable the US central position in the free trade zones, covering two-thirds of the world economy.

The armed forces are considered as the basis of US national security and military superiority is considered a major factor in the American world leadership. While maintaining the continuity of the plants to use military force unilaterally and anywhere in the world, as well as to maintain a military presence abroad…

Significant efforts by the US and its allies will be directed to the formation of anti-Russian policy states, with which Russia has established partnership relations, as well as to reduce Russian influence in the former Soviet Union.

Continue the policy of preserving the global dominance of the United States, increasing the combat capabilities of NATO, as well as to strengthen the US military presence in the Asia-Tihokeanskom region. Military force will continue to be considered as the primary means of ensuring national security and interests of the United States.

Becoming more widespread to eliminate unwanted US political regimes acquire advanced technology “color revolutions” with a high probability of their application in relation to Russia.

Thus, the strategy was developed on the basis of American exceptionalism, the right to take unilateral action to protect and promote the interests of the United States in the world and bears the active anti-Russian charge.

So all in all, the Kremlin looks to be hilariously spot-on with this assessment. Here’s a bit more from Russian News:

Russian Security Council specialists say that by and large the US Strategy is based on the principle of US exclusiveness and assertion of the right to take unilateral action to press for US interests around the world and has a strong anti-Russian thrust.

Regarding the relationship Russia, the Security Council believes it is likely that the United States plans to continue its policy aimed at isolating Russia in the long term, including by imposing restrictions on opportunities of exports of oil and gas.


Uh oh Washington, it looks like they’re on to you.

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  1. US policy sounds downright delusional. The nation that is becoming more isolated all the time isn’t Russia…………our leaders need to look in the mirror……the nations of the world are gathering around Russia, and avoiding the US. Why? Because we say one thing while doing another.

    Aljazeera is covering this story, detailing that Saudi Led air strikes killed three Houthi military commanders in Yemen, and discussing the problems over there. No mention is made of US arms being used on both sides.

    Wow. MSNBC is also covering the story, saying the US supports the Saudis…
    They claim the US not participating in the military operations…….no mention of the weapons.

    Nobody else on US media is on the story, the majority of the corporate clones are still beating that Swiss Air accident to death……..

    Well, it will make oil prices go back up……..

    We have lost our hard won credibility in both political and financial areas. We spent centuries building up our credibility, and in the last 15 years, it has been totally destroyed.

    The world started moving away from the US once it became clear nothing good was coming from Obama…….it started with finding an alternative to the hammer lock the US had on the world economy being the world reserve currency. They saw what happened to Iraq when Saddam Hussein called for a return to gold as world reserve currency…………..

    Hugo Chavez found a peaceful and quiet alternative, the Sucre, the first electronic currency put into place in Spring of 2010 to serve the 12 small nations that made up the South American Trade Alliance. For the first time, member nations could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency at the time of transaction, making the need for any world reserve currency obsolete.

    This was carefully watched by China and Russia. In November of 2010, they set up their own trade agreement with each other, using their own currencies in trades, leaving the dollar out. They set up an identical system to the Sucre, and China went on recruiting other nations to their new trade agreement.

    China recruited Turkey, Iran, Qatar, India, Japan, all the emerging African nations, most South American countries, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, many middle eastern nations, and plenty others I cannot recall at the moment.

    In January of 2010, the US had 100% of all nations completing international transactions using the dollar. By 2015, the US now has 33% of all nations, 67% have joined with BRICS. It was done so quietly, so peacefully, that the US could do nothing to stop it.

    The US had to accept the fact Russia and China now have established their own version of the IMF or the FED……and again, nothing can be done to stop it.
    This foolish name calling and blame the US keeps trying to put on Russia makes us look impotent and foolhardy.

    Russia, with much of the worlds capital flowing into their country, more and more nations joining BRICS and their new banking establishment looks anything but isolated.

    The isolated one is the US, and our leaders so greedy and delusional, they cannot face the truth………our image to the world has become deeply flawed and untrustworthy. All the things we so took for granted are now gone. The truly sick ones in our leadership are blind to the truth, and any others who might see cannot speak out for fear of losing their positions.

    What a sad end to a great beginning. Some of my ancestors served in the American Revolution………..I now wish they had stayed home in England.


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