Cop Shoots 8th Grade Child With Taser Gun for “Being Disruptive” (Video)


Cop Shoots 8th Grade Child With Taser Gun for “Being Disruptive” (Filming Cops, March 15, 2015):

POWHATAN COUNTY, VA — Think back to 8th grade: do you remember ever talking out loud or being “disruptive”?Imagine if the punishment was an armed police officer approaching you and shooting you with a Taser gun, frying your nervous system with electrical voltage, for being “disruptive.”That’s what happened at Powhatan Junior High School on Friday, according to reports.An officer at the school shot an 8th grade student with a Taser gun for “being disruptive.”

The Powhatan Sheriff’s Department claims that it started when the student was “disruptive” in the cafeteria.

The student was then taken to the assistant principal’s office, where, they claim, the “disruptive” behavior continued.

An armed police officer stepped in and decided to try to place the student in handcuffs, but the student reacted by trying to flee, according to reports.

That’s when the officer pointed his Taser gun at the student and shot him as the student was running away from the officer.

The Sheriff’s Department claims that the child “attacked” the officer while the officer was trying to restrain his wrists, and the child was then charged with “felony assault on an officer.”

“It’s obviously scary to see a child get Tased,” said Chris Parks, a parent whose children go to the same school.

“It was shocking,” he added.

This article will be updated as more information is made available pertaining to the officer’s identity and whether he will face disciplinary action, as well as whether the child’s parents were contacted.Watch the video from CBS6 below.

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  1. A society that permits such outrages is in no position to dictate policy to anyone else. It is time for a serious housecleaning.


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