FDA Refuses To Label GMOs Despite Americans’ Overwhelming Support For Labeling

They are planning to genetically modify YOU.

They know that what (intentionally) ignorant scientists call “junk” DNA is the link to hypercommunication.

And TPTB know exactly how to destroy your spiritual potential via vaccines, food additives, water fluoridation, chemtrails, GMO’s etc. so that the people become even better serfs.


FDA refuses to label GMOs despite Americans’ overwhelming support for labeling (Natural News, March 11, 2015):

A powerful, knowledge-suppressing lobby exists in the US, and it has a stranglehold on the decision making of government officials who oversee food safety. This powerful industry alters the nature of food, patents the changes, profits en masse and then uses their monetary influence and control over the food supply to lobby for secrecy of their science.

There is virtually no transparency when it comes to genetically modified foods, for Americans that is. Under the current food secrecy laws, no American has the right to know how their food was made, whether it was grown with antibiotic glyphosate or whether it was genetically spliced with bacteria genes to create crops that produce insecticide. No one knows if the genetic sequence of a crop was rearranged in the lab or whether it’s a naturally occurring crop. Americans eat in the dark, buying food blindly. In this way, Americans have become rats in cages, only allowed to eat the food that is subsidized, catered to them cheaply through the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

With no GMO labeling system, consumers can never really know how their health is affected, including allergic reactions

Genetically modified organisms now dominate America’s processed food selection. Many traditionally healthy foods (like native corn) have been altered at the DNA level. It’s difficult for Americans to understand exactly what they are eating today. Natural foods now have to be proven that they are real, instead of the other way around. The genetically changed foods should be the ones needing special labels. Why do we have to prove that a food is organic? It should be the other way around. Biotechnology corporations should be the one’s labeling, denoting the genetic changes in their products’ ingredients. Isn’t this the ethical approach? How will consumers know if these altered foods are causing an allergy in their bodies? The human body may not agree with genetically rearranged, adulterated foods, so the possibility of a reaction is there. The GMO foods could be causing inflammation, changes in human gut ecology, but no one can really gauge this, because there are no labels denoting the biotech changes of food ingredients. No scientific connection or personal observation can be made. It’s all a big secret, and the industry wants to keep it that way, making concerned consumers look like lunatic conspiracy theorists if they want to know more about the food that their eating.

Lack of transparency makes consumers just want to give up

Apparently, the Food and Drug Administration is controlled by this powerful biotech lobby that seeks to keep consumers in the dark. The biotech industry knows that, if consumers knew what was going into their bodies and understood the potential risks of GMOs, then consumers would demand a change back to natural food selection. That would cut into their purse.

If there are no labels denoting the genetic changes of food ingredients, then how can the majority of Americans care at all about their health? If they feel hopeless, they will revert and give up, putting their heads down and eating whatever secret science food is cheaply available to them.

FDA represents an illusion of food safety while nutrition labels only tell half the story

This secrecy makes the FDA an illusion of food safety and feigned system of oversight. The bureaucracy is more like a gatekeeper for the most powerful industries, assisting biotechnology’s domination over the people. Nutrition labels are really a front too, only telling half the story. These partial labels might denote things like calories, but this does nothing to inform consumers whether these calories maximize cellular energy or whether they are just junk food energy. These labels might list an ingredient but don’t tell whether skull and bones pesticides were used in the production of that ingredient. Likewise, labels never mention genetically modified ingredients and don’t include any information on the concentration of heavy metals in the food.

Even if a company has a hard time fitting this valuable information on a standard label, they could make the information available in a company database, post it online or make it available to read at the grocery store when they ship their products to the store. What if the label could be scanned and the information could pop up on a handheld device? There’s many ways to be transparent today with food ingredients and food origins, including use of pesticides and laboratory changes in DNA.

Transparency is important for progression of consumer health and individual liberty

This is the age of information, and the only way for a free market to truly evolve and become healthier is for transparency to exist. Individual liberty cannot be realized if consumers are not allowed to make informed choices. If everyone can be treated as a rat in the dark, then scientists and corporations can do whatever they want to the food supply, without regard to human or environmental health. Everyone suffers at the expense of the almighty dollar.







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  1. I remember Obama running for his first term with gmo transparency. I remember it vividly just like the if you like your Dr and insurance you can keep it crap. I guess that’s all any of it was, was crap!! Then he lied and said I never said that. These people as smart as they are are some of the dumbest fucking people ever. Do they nor think they are not on the Internet and people also remember?


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